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BM causing baby diarrhea

I have a strange question. My babies are currently in the NICU but one is taking breast milk. They are micropreemies, only 27w5d gestational age or 2 weeks old. The nurse just told me that she had a very loose stool and I should be careful what I eat. I've been bringing BM for two weeks and have no idea what I could've eaten to cause this. Are there certain foods that I should avoid? Or increase?


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Re: BM causing baby diarrhea

  • dp21dp21 member
    Hi lady,

    Runny poop is normal for breastfed babies. My kiddo gets breastmilk exclusively and it started out like runny mustard (one time shot across room onto wall and ran down wall onto floor), now it is like mustard colored with peanut butter consistency at 2.5 months. I don't think it is anything to worry about. Breastfed poop will be different from formula fed poop. Just try to eat healthy and I'd only avoid foods if baby seems unhappy. I would ask the doctors if you are worried about the poop.

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  • mnj05mnj05 member
    I agree that breast fed poops and just early newborn poops are like that in general. A lot of babies do not tolerate dairy very well so it may help to cut that out. Foods that cause gas are helpful to cut out as well like broccoli.


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  • Yea I agree with the other ladies. Is this nurse educated on bf babies? That poo sounds totally normal to me, esp at that age. You can google pics online to also give you a good benchmark. 

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