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Cell phone radiation

Im 22 weeks and I just learned about the studies re the cell phone radiation and possible adhd on kids at a later age.

From what I read, the studies show that moms who use cell phones near belly during pregnancy have higher chance of their babies being hyper active, etc.

For the past couple of months I occasionally would rest my iPad or iPhone on my chest/belly while watching YouTube/Hulu.

Needless to say.. I'm paranoid now. These articles say to keep your phone away from you, etc.

Have any of you changed your cell phone use for the pregnancy?

Re: Cell phone radiation

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  • My cell phone use hasn't changed.
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  • Nope. I think there is too much stuff to worry about. I read an article recently where the author said the pregnancy and parenting book industry is based on fear, and I believe it. So I make common sense decisions and don't worry
  • I have a friend who bought a protective case that's supposed to block radiation, but I haven't done anything differently myself.
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  • I just naturally don't rest things on my belly and never have. I don't let my daughter do it either. For no reason, really.
  • Ckorines said:

    I just naturally don't rest things on my belly and never have. I don't let my daughter do it either. For no reason, really.

    Same. When I use my laptop I put it on a lap desk or a pillow. If you're really concerned OP maybe look into getting a lap desk?
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  • @vineheart137 when I'm at home I've tried putting the things on a lap desk now .. It's just a bit different at work. I'm at attorney and constantly find myself between court hearings at the courthouse trying to work on some motions or doing research and on the go its kind of difficult carrying a lap desk lol.
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    I agree. I had been pretty good up to now about not really overly worrying but for some reason I fell for this one lol.

    I didn't even tell my husband because he tries to keep my cam by saying that if you really loony it, most things in our every day life will be "dangerous" for the unborn babies.
  • I take most scientific "findings" with a grain of salt (and I'm very pro-science) unless it's backed by an extensive research project. Think of how long we've been using cell phones now, think about the rise of eating fast food, think about all sorts of things that have increased over the last twenty years that could have an impact on ADD or ADHD or any kind of hyperactive activity!

    I once read a serious article a few years ago about how a "finding" of certain types of plastic in hairbrushes could lead to cancer. That's right, you read that absurd statement correctly: hairbrushes.
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  • This is directly from the Yale study, it was done on mice not humans. I wouldn't worry too much about increasing the chances of ADHD; and as a Research Psychologist who has spent years reading research articles and scrutinizing what is really being reported, I suggest you make sure you look at the methods used because a lot of "bad research" is made available to the public.
  • @cho72583 I was also thinking ... I think they said they left the cell phone over the mice's cage but as far as I read, it did not specify if for short periods of time or throughout the whole pregnancy.

    Anyways... This is the one issue I have actually worried about throughout th past 5 months ... Not bad. Now to avoid worrying about other things in the last half of this pregnancy lol.
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