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Suggestions on a middle name for Aubrey?

I think we are pretty set on Aubrey if we have a girl, but I'm not sure about a middle name. Any suggestions?

Re: Suggestions on a middle name for Aubrey?

  • Renee
  • Claire? Rae?
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  • Dae, Rae, Grace,
  • I was gonna say Rose too! Or Jane
  • Aubrey was on our short list and the middle name would have been Jane.
  • gmd88gmd88 member
    I like Aubrey May
  • Aubrey lee? Or maybe Aubrey rose :) love the name Aubrey so gorgeous
  • Aubrey Lynn? Or Kate?
  • My sister's name is Aubrey and her middle name is Anne.
  • My best friend is named Audrey Lane. I love it. We are thinking of naming our girl Autumn Elaine.
  • I was gonna say Rose also!
  • CLC91CLC91 member
    Aubrey mae aubrey tae
  • CLC91CLC91 member
    Or Aubrey dae?
  • My niece is Aubrey Grace. We all end up calling her Aubs.
  • Aubrey Miles
  • Michelle-Aubrey Michelle
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  • My daughter is Aubrey Claire!! Love her name so much!!
  • We find out what we're having in one week...if we have a girl we also are naming her Aubrey. I really love the middle name Lanae (pronounced Le-nay) and what makes it even more special is it's my best friend's middle name. Aubrey Lanae is very pretty in my opinion. 
  • A little old-school, but I love Jean - Aubrey Jean.
  • Lynne
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  • I love Aubrey Jean. Our middle name for a girl is Jolie. It means beautiful in French. Aubrey Jolie would be cute.
  • My 8yr old daughter is named Aubrey Faith
  • a little different from Aubrey, but almost the same....if we have a girl, her name is going to be Audrey Elizabeth. my great grandmothers name :) I love it.
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  • Grace or Kay
  • Aubrey Lynn
  • I was going to say rose, but I saw the Aubrey Lane suggestion and that is really pretty.
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  • LOVE Aubrey :)

    Aubrey Claire

  • Aubrey is so beautiful! I really like the one sylibil names, claire, may, rose, lane, Kate.
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  • Danielle,Vivienne, Grace, Georgia,Eve,Katherine,Kristen, Amelia, Olivia
  • Aubrey is super cute
  • Aubrey skye
    Aubrey Catlin
  • I was going to suggest lane! Or Laine
  • Marie , Rose, Raine...
    I love the name Aubrey :)
  • Aubrey Marie
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