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Hi ladies! Just wanted to share our story...we have been compared to Steve and Miranda from Sex in the City! I lost one of my ovaries due to a large ovarian cyst when I was only 14. The GYN promptly placed me on birth control to prevent a cyst from forming on the other. The doctor also told me how much of a struggle it would be for me to get pregnant. He said, "When it comes to that time in your life, you could have a long and difficult road ahead of you. You can come in and we will map out your ovulation and fertility schedules and make sure you attempt conception at the optimal time." At 14 I'm like, "Uh, whatever!" My mom said she cried for days after he said that (which I never knew). forward about 10 years, I was still taking the pills, but being very lax about it...sometimes doubling (or tripling) up when I'd forget one. I'd had a steady boyfriend for 2 years, and we were having unprotected sex. After one of these times, I looked down at his testicle which was very swollen, and I said, "Um. Maybe you should get to the doctor, that doesn't look right." He procrastinated going until it started to become painful. Fast forward a couple of months, we found out he had testicular cancer, and the entire testicle needed to be removed. SCARY. But apparently, it is very common among young men. Once it was removed, he was very lucky and it hadn't spread. He had to have a series of scans to be sure that it didn't spread and that everything was okay. Luckily it was! His doctor also told him it could be difficult for him to produce a child as well. Sooo we relied on our missing parts as "birth control." I stopped taking my pills because I just didn't want to anymore and didn't fear getting pregnant at all. Again, fast forward to January 2011. I am 10 days late...and we take a pregnancy test and it's positive. WHOA. We are feeling so many emotions. Shock. Joy. Terror. We were both still living at home. What were we gonna do? Anyway. Fast forward to September 2011, and we have a beautiful, perfect baby boy who still takes our breath away to this day. And now, we are expecting another in October. We are blessed...and much more fertile than either of our doctors expected :) 

Just wanted to share, and would love to hear your conception stories. Hope you're all feeling well and doing great!


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  • Great story_ You guys are beyond blessed!! :o3
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  • Yours is a great story, too! Everyone says it happens when you stop trying (or you're not trying)! So awesome!!
  • rue:Drue:D member
    That's an awesome story, congrats!

    We were NTNP for three years. After a certain point I just kind of assumed it wasn't going to happen for we are now with twins.
  • TWINS! Amazing :) I've actually been having dreams of twins...and alot of cramping and stretching pains. How far along are you, and how soon did you find out you were having twins?
  • What a great story to read first thing this morning! Thanks for sharing, and I couldn't be happier for you! ❤️
  • My story Is nothing elaborate. We weren't even trying and one month we thought I was pregnant but then the test came back negative. After that we decided that we were upset about that and both wanted a kid. So the next month we didn't really try hard just no protection and nothing happened that month. So then we used OPKs and had sex the day I ovulated and still nothing that month and the following month same thing. Needless to say we only "tried" for about 3 months and the one month we just didn't care if it happened and we kind of forgot about the baby thing we got pregnant. So I believe it really happens when you don't stress over it and just let it happen naturally bc it will eventually (: And now we are 11 weeks in due Oct. 2nd.
  • Me and my husband decided to start trying this january. We had been plannin it forever. We had a cruise vacation booked for our anniversary, I had a strong feeling because of health stuff that i would not be able to get pregnant. Iv taken over 20 pregnancy tests over the marrige always sad. I took this one because I had been waking up every morning at 5am starving out of my mind. I was so shocked. I hyperventilated and screamed. My husband went into shock lol. Now we are just over joyed. There is Nothig I ever wanted more then to be a mom. I'm sure glad we took that cruise :)
  • Great stories! My husband and I just bought our first home. We said we would try next January. Well crazy ovulation lady said what if we just do it one time. If nothing happens we wait a year to start trying. We both definitely didn't think it would happen. The look on his face when I took the test was priceless. Just takes one swimmer he said! Can't help but feel like it was meant to be!
  • I love reading these!!! Thank you all so much for sharing! Such an amazing and special time, and it's great to have you all to share the journey with :)
  • My husband and I have been married for 4 years and have been trying or say playing baby roulette for 3 years without any luck. My mom took me to a herbal doctor well known in treating infertility. She purchased a months supply for me to start taking and 2 weeks into taking the medicine, I finally had a positive test result. We went to our 8 weeks appointment and saw the baby and healthy heartbeat. We are so thrilled that we are finally blessed with a baby.
    I can't wait to see him/her again.
  • By the title of this thread I thought it was going to be porny.

    Hahaha, same here.  ;))
  • MelMel92MelMel92 member
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    Ours is a really short story really. We signed a lease on a new place with extra room early january, and we knew we wanted to have our first before I turned 25. So with that lease signed, and since we've been financially stable for a good amount of time, I asked hubby if hed be ok with me stopping birth control a bit sooner than we'd planned. He was fine with that idea, but we both figured it'd be a while before Id be pregnant anyways as I'd been taking bc for about 10 years. So january 5th I took my last pill. We werent really trying, but not preventing either. I started taking prenatal vitamins just to be safe, and was going to do a home pregnancy test every friday, because I didnt want to be unaware. I knew the chances of conceiving right away were really low, but it didnt hurt to make sure!
    Friday the 13th, february, I took my 2nd weekly test (I didnt really think to until the week prior!).. and it was positive! I waited a few hours and tried another, another positive! Turns out I was 1 month at that time. My cycle mustve started right after my post-pill bleeding stopped! (12th of jan). 
    Were over the moon, though we were both extremely surprised it happened so quickly. We though wed be at it for at least 6 months. :P
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  • rue:Drue:D member
    @sarapagan I'm 8w2d and just found out a couple of days ago at my 8 week u/s! No dreams of twins but did have a lot of cramping in the beginning.
  • Sara I love your story.
  • I got pregnant while my husband was 900 kms away! Lol, I went by myself to get the FET, and here we are - impatiently awaiting the arrival of our little October baby :) 
  • Love all these stories <3
  • I have 4 boys already and we decided to leave #5 up to chance and God. 3 years ago I went off birth control. Nothing happened. At one point I did go 72 days without a period, but I wasn't pregnant. 15 months later, I got a positive test and 2 weeks later I lost the baby. 7 months later, I finally had another positive test and lost the baby a week and a half later. 3 months later I took clomid, but did not ovulate. I took 5 rounds of clomid, each increasingly stronger until finally my doctor told me that's it, I needed to see a specialist. At that point I decided I had way surpassed leaving it up to God and decided we were done. I had said from the beginning that if I wasn't pregnant by my 35th birthday, we were officially done, but I wasn't sure what to do from there - obviously there was no point in taking birth control. Evidently God knew better than me. Exactly 1 week after my 35th birthday I got a positive test. 8w1d. Hopefully this one sticks!
  • Great stories ladies!!

    I really expected to have problems getting pregnant as my cousin has had two kids after many rounds of IVF and 3+ years of trying.  I also had an irregular period January 2014 it started and never stopped I was bleeding for 26 days by the time to doctor saw me.  She put me on low grade birth control, to regulate my cycle.  I stopped the Birth Control in December, but then was really sick (102 fever) when I was ovulating so I didn't have high hopes for a positive test and sure enough the test was negative. 

    January I decided to take the attitude of if it happens it happens if not I'll just put in a tampon and go on with my day.  Well come February my breasts kill and I'm late but not out of the ordinary for me, but I had a pregnancy test in the drawer so I figure why not and I couldn't believe how fast it turned positive. 

    I ran into the bedroom and poked my husband awake and said I'm pregnant, that definitely woke him up :-)

    We couldn't be happier 9wks 3days today
    BFP 2/11/15 (EDD 10/13/15). MMC 3/30/15 D&C 4/3/15 "We will always love you"
    DD1 - BFP 7/23/15 (EDD 3/31/16).  "We believe in you rainbow" DOB 4/2/16
    DD2 - BFP 2/9/18 (EDD 10/19/18).  "Grow baby grow!" DOB 10/24/18
    BFP 11/16/20 (EDD 7/31/21).  "Round 3 FIGHT!"
  • @MelMel92 we too just signed a lease in mid feb with an extra room my boyfriend is excited to make that into a play room for my son and him!!!! We actually found out we are expecting 2 days after our move on the 15th of feb. I felt so tired that week and my boobs were killing me I told him we needed to get a pregnancy test, I had a huge feeling I was & sure enough! I told him right before we fell asleep & he hugged me all night! We decided for me to get off birth control in November
    2014 Feb came along and although I had a huge feeling I was pregnant I wasn't getting my hopes up because of my miscarriage in between, sure enough it was a BFP!!! Ever since, my boyfriend doesn't speak of the "play room" anymore with a ps4 and all the goodies the boys could have in there, hanging sports frames and all that cool stuff! It's going to be our baby's nursery ;) heheheheeee!
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  • anorthroanorthro member
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    My husband and I were married in August. We decided that we might try having a baby after I passed my qualifying exams and he found a job. Four days after I passed my exams, we were intimate and decided to "see what happens." I knew I was close to ovulating because I had stopped taking birth control and started tracking my periods about a year prior (the decision to stop birth control had nothing to do with TTC). I figured it would take us a while because it took my mom a long time to conceive. We were only intimate once, and got a BFP a few weeks later. We are both very happy and very surprised!

    Edited to add: he still does not have a job, though he just got his first offer.
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  • My husband and I have been trying since last Oct. Even though it's been only a few months of trying, I was getting discouraged. So I told my husband after getting a BFN on 2/19/15 that I didn't want to track things anymore for the next few months. I was religious about tracking everything on an app and doing ovulation kits. A week later I still didn't get my period so I took another test just for th heck of it and got my first BFP! I couldn't believe that how ironic it was that I said I wanted to stop trying/let it happen and I was actually pregnant.
  • Wow what an amazing story! I am so happy for you! I have been with the same man for 5 years, we are not married and in our early twentys, I was on birth control but forgot pills every now again and didn't think much of it and for five years that has been our only birth control. We had a pregnancy scare about 3 months before we conceived, I was just late from traveling a lot, but we were suprisingly excited for the possibility. Ever since then I was even more relaxed about the birth control and now we are due in October and very excited!
  • We got pregnant my first month off of bc pills with DS, so I figured this time we wouldn't be so lucky. Well I got my Mirena out December 16th and had some bleeding after, but no official "period". Sure enough, on Jan 25, got my BFP! I'm sure the look on both of our faces was priceless. #2 here we come!

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  • vbfrancevbfrance member
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    We spent 3 years trying to get pregnant. After a year I got a referral to see a specialist. They did every test, poke, and prod and told me I was the perfect picture of health. I had shorter cycles, 24 days but I was constantly ovulating. Finally my husband went in for a semen analysis. Low and behold there was our problem. He was 26 at the time, had extremely low count, low motility and a high rate of morphology. We were devistated. We were told our only chance was IVF with ICSI . They put my husband on a medication to lower his prolactin. I was put on clomid (more targets for his sparse sperm) we did 2 round of clomid with iui and no result. I hyperstimulated (like 8 eggs on each side and they still triggered!) with the clomid and it thinned my lining. We switched doctors. The last try before moving to IVF they switched me to femera i got good results and we did the IUI earlier to match my 24 day cycles. It worked! !!!!!! The only thing is we are going to need to do this every time we want another child :(
    I'm beyond happy that we didn't need to go to IVF.
  • My OB told me that I had all the signs of endometriosis when I was 16. I was getting so sick from cramps and went to the hospital often due to them. She was not the world's .ost outstanding doctor, but there wasn't much to choose from in my area. We tried about 5 different BC pills but none helped and she just told me to stay on the pills because they'll help the endo. Well after reaching out to other doctors, family, etc. It sounded like I wouldn't be able to conceive at all. I finally told my fiancé last year about my concerns but he didn't blink an eye. We were shocked to see 4 positive pregnancy results but couldn't be more excited!
  • 11 years ago we had a beautiful baby girl. Life and trials and health issues kept another baby at bay even though my daughter has begged for years for a sibling. We are finally in a good place and felt it was time. I was terrified I wouldn't be able to get pregnant easily since I'm 36 now. I became pregnant with an OPK first try with my daughter but that was 12 years ago!

    My last period in January was off and I felt very sick. I had horrible pelvic pain and nausea that landed me at the dr - she immediately sent me to my gyn as she felt I possibly had a pelvic tumor based on her exam.

    I saw my obgyn and was terrified - but thankfully the ultrasound showed some little cysts that she said were likely ovulation starting - and turns out my pain was actually due to my gut! I had the flu in January and a sinus infection and all the antibiotics killed my good gut bacteria. My midwife said well, based on what I see you're in a good position to get pregnant this week!

    I left there elated and went home armed with a probiotic to fix my gut and attacked my husband. We immediately conceived. We are both sort of in shock. Who else gets an ultrasound to predict ovulation? Wow..

    I went from a cancer scare to pregnant. Thankful for prayer and praying still that all is well.

    I have my first appt this Thursday then we do the big reveal friday night for my daughter who is going to flip!
  • Hubbi and I have been trying for 6 months had been on the pill for about 2 years , on valentines day morning I woke up feeling funny took a cheap pref test from dollar store just in case n it. Was positive I threw boots n jacket on ran to pharmacy naught the good one turned positive gave it to hubb that night b4 bed I put it in a jewelry box so he was very confused he loved it was soo happy!

  • When I was 23 I lost my right ovary and tube because of a tumor. I was devastated. I didn't know if I would ever be able to get pregnant. My older sister and my mom had very difficult times getting pregnant. When I lost my ovary my husband and I were only dating at the time and I couldn't imagine going through all of that with anyone else... I was so sick from the tumor which made me so terrified that I would never be able to get pregnant. Fast forward 2 years - I was on birth control for almost 2 years after I lost my ovary and I was tired of it and ready to get pregnant. My husband always stayed so positive through all my health scares... We tried for a year straight and weren't getting pregnant. Long story short after a scary night in the ER from bleeding and severe pelvic pain I went in to see a new obgyn who is incredible, and 3 years later after losing one ovary and now 26 years old I was facing another surgery to see what was going on, why I wasn't getting pregnant and if my only remaining ovary was even working. I ended up having endometriosis removed, scar tissue removed from having my ovary removed and had cysts removed from my only ovary left... After recovery was prime time to try getting pregnant we were told... It didn't happen month after month... Then just shy of 4 months after my obgyn surgery I had to have my gallbladder removed. So at 27 years old I gave up. I was tired of trying. I was tired of the heartbreak. My sister in law just announced they were pregnant again. I was devastated. I started talking to my husband about adoption and the possibility of his sperm being tested. So I stopped "trying". I stopped tracking my ovulation and cycle and a few weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test! I couldn't believe it! I was shocked, overjoyed, and so thankful to have so many prayers finally answered! So for any women who have lost hope I really do pray that they won't give up! Our miracle baby is due in October and we couldn't be more thrilled!
  • Our story isn't all that interesting.  We were married in August and decided to start trying after my exams and my husband got a job.  After my exams (but before he had a job!) we just decided to "see what happens" one night.  The next few weeks I just pretended I was pregnant, even though the odds seemed low, and started taking prenatals and eating better.  Then, we got a BFP.  It happened on our first try, so we are both totally surprised, but happy.  
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  • I love all the stories! We started trying a little over 2 years ago. We figured it may take some time to finally conceive. After about six months I started doing ovulation tests and found that I was consistent with my ovulation. After about a year, Hubby found out he had some sperm issues. I had 5 relatives get pregnant during this time and one being my sister who wasn't trying at the time. It was an emotional roller coaster. Through this time I kept my trust in God. I knew when it was his timing it would happen. Hubby found out he didn't have sperm issues anymore so I was then worried that I might have something wrong. Hubby had a small umbilical hernia he had surgery for and doctors orders were no sex until cleared by doctor. Well after a week it was my peak fertility and hubby felt great. So we went ahead and didn't wait to get cleared. This ended up being how we conceived!
  • We had been trying for 5 years. During that time I found out that I had PCOS and a blocked tube. We tried many rounds of Clomid, I had my tube unblocked and we were getting ready to do IVF this year. I quit smoking last August and started focusing on my health. I normally have about 4 or 5 periods per year and started noticing the changes in my cervical mucus and that after I ovulated my nipples would be really tender (so strange). In January I some how timed it perfectly and here I am pregnant with number 2. I'm not a religious person but very spiritual and after dh and I dtd, I laid down with both my hands over my ovaries and asked for a soul to nuture. I meditated and prayed. It sounds corny but I know that my request was fulfilled. :)
  • elmann1 said:

    Great stories!! thank you for these!

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in June 2014, DH and I started trying in Feb 2014. With PCOS I was not getting a period at all, so I was on 4 rounds of clomid. the first 3 at 50mg the last one at 100mg. While I was on the fertility drugs, we later found out that my husband also had sperm issues.... In August we got into a horrible car accident in Canada and DH needed emergency surgery. They believe that effected his sperm. 

    On my last round of medication, I completely gave up (its true!) I called my mom crying telling her I can't take the negative tests over and over again. I thought I was going to lose DH in August, hurt my leg in the car accident so couldn't go Running anymore and now we can't even have a baby. I scheduled an appointment on February 6th for a fertility doctor recommended by my OBGYN. On January 31st my dog died.... it felt like part of me went with him... but I truly believe his soul helped give me this BFP! On February 4th, 2015 I thought I had kidney stones and was dying from heartburn (and heart break). Took a test on a whim and by golly we got a BFP. (which included me running out of the bathroom with my pants around my ankles holding up FOUR different test. DH and I cried then went to get celebratory enchiladas)

    I got to call the Fertility doctor's office to cancel my appointment!! When they asked why I was cancelling, I told her "We're pregnant!" and she was like "Thats what im talking about!! That's what I want to hear!! We pray for moments like this!!!" I cried yep. Fell apart.

    DH and I feel so blessed :) I am now 9w5d my next US is March 26th and we can't wait to hear the little heartbeat on that Doppler! <3
    Your story is so incredibly touching. I am also a PCOS gal and while I haven't not had nearly as many hurdles as you, I can empathize with the "this is never going to happen" mentality. I conceived my twins on our fifth was going to be our last.
    Your story is so inspirational! I hope it continues to encourage many others...
    DH & I married 12/17/2012
    Me (31)-dx w/PCOS 2007, when married to ex-husband after MC
    DH (41)-no MFI
    07/2014-Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI= chem preg ;(
    08/2014-Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI + 2nd trigger= BFN
    09/2014-Clomid 100mg + trigger + IUI + 2nd trigger= BFN
    10/2014-benched due to RE out of town, tying naturally!
    11/2014-benched due to cyst
    12/2014-Femara 5mg + stair step with additional 5 days Femara 5mg + trigger + IUI=BFN
    01/2015-Femara 5mg + Gonal F 25 units + trigger (plus additional Gonal F 100 units on trigger night) + IUI= BFP!!! Twins due 10/2015
    09/28/2015- Surprise!  Conrad and Hudson born at 35w6d!  
  • I love all these stories!

    DH came home from a 9 month deployment mid November and I had been temping and using OPKs just to track my cycle. We started trying the weekend he got home because I was ovulating and two weeks later had BFN. December 21 we got married and hoped for a honeymoon baby but nope. I told him I wanted to take a break from trying just for January because it was a lot of work. I really don't remember us having a lot of sex that month. Maybe like every 3 or 4 days? Then I woke up one morning end of January with extremely sensitive nipples (never had that before period) so I took a cheap blue dye test and I thought I saw something but wasn't sure. Texted a pic of the test to DH and he said go get a different brand and do another one. Bought a digital that day and left it in the bathroom while I made some food, mentally preparing myself for it to say "No" and I checked it. To my utter shock it said Yes with a little plus sign. I texted a pic of it to DH and he left work early and came home :)
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  • I was always told I'd likely have difficulty conceiving due to very irregular and sporadic periods. A mean doctor told me in my early 20s I'd probably won't ever have kids! But my husband and I just got married in January and conceived on the first try without bc. He's kind of worried now that we're a super "potent" combination. (:
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