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  • Watching the movie Babe and when he wins the sheep dog competition...omg I cried ALL.THE.TEARS!
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  • So did I! Especially when David Luiz scored and celebrated the way he did. By the way hope that is the match you mean ☺
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  • I teared up watching The Voice yesterday night on Hulu when Joshua Davis sang in the blind auditions. O.M.F.G. his voice is life-changing. I was so moved!
  • My favourite football team (soccer) lost an important match.... i cried today!

    So did I. Especially when David luiz scored abd celebrated the way he did.
    By the way hope th st was the match you meant.☺
  • Because Terry Pratchett is dead.  I loved his books. 
  • Pretty much burst into tears daily when trying to get dressed... None of my clothes fit and maternity clothes in my town are so hard to find/so ugly!!!
  • I cried watching a commercial (which was really a cheesy one).
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  • I cried because my floors are dirty, when I just cleaned them! One bad part of the snow melting, my dogs are tracking mud and dirt in my house! Despite wiping their paws off every time they come in! I told my wife, while crying, that the dogs had to move out. (Never would happen)
  • I cried while watching a random persons wedding on YouTube today at work with the girls
  • I cried today over a love song on the radio....made me think about my baby. I've been crying over every sad song, TV show, or movie....and several that really aren't that sad!
    The most ridiculous crying moment that's happened recently was the other night at Perkins. I was talking about a little boy who threw up in my class. And my husband thought I was talking to loud in public about something gross.... And he gently shushed me. I tend to talk a little to loud when I get worked up and it irritates me to get shushed (even though he did it nicely). But this time my reaction was to burst into tears right in the middle of the restaurant! Oh dear!
  • Today I cried because my doctor said I have no more baby and I'm gonna miscarriage on the next days... :(
  • I cried because my 4 year old's teacher told me she couldn't wear crocs to school :((

  • I cried because I wanted two packs of apple cinnamon oatmeal but there was only one of that kind. The other had cranberries in it and I didn't want cranberries!
  • jacboeing said:

    Today I cried because my doctor said I have no more baby and I'm gonna miscarriage on the next days... :(

    So sorry to hear this. Sending love, prayers, and hugs your way.
  • Today i cried because i have yet another uti thats causing me to not be able to sleep.
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  • I cried today because my insurance company kept insisting they cover genetic testing if it tests for Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18, but when I asked if that meant they covered the Harmony test they couldn't tell me (even thought it tests for Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18). Also because I was too tired to get out of the car, but it was cold so I couldn't stay in the car.
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  • I cried last Monday in line at the grocery store because I saw an elderly couple in front of me buying their groceries.

    I started thinking about my parents getting that old and it made me sad. This was triggered because I saw 2 middle aged woman shopping with their elderly moms helping them buy their groceries and I started thinking about how im going to have to do this one day with my mom or dad and then my daughter will have to for me when I get old. It just made me feel sad.
  • I watched this YouTube video my mom sent me called I love you mommy and I cried alot. I thought it was super cute and sweet...and just couldn't help it. :((
  • @jessica973 I cried over that video too! 
  • skkarskkar member
    I bawled last night during an episode of The Walking Dead (Season 2, Episode 7). I was a wreck; words melted into a single stream of sobs and incomprehensible babble! :))
  • I cry when I hear country music. Even if it's not sad :(
  • Today I cried at my 12 week u/s (due Oct 1). My little baby was in there, doing just fine!!! She is measuring exactly the size she should be and now I can tell the world about her!!
  • I cried today because DH has finally decided to quit his horrible stressful awful job and get his real estate license. I'm just so proud of him/nervous at the same time
  • I cried today because I was babysitting a teething infant, who literally cried the entire day except when he was asleep or taking a bottle, and my toddler was also fussy . . . I just couldn't keep them both happy!

    But then I realized we desperately needed wipes, so I put my kid in the stroller, the other kid in the Ergo, and walked to Walgreens. Both boys slept the entire time, but oh my lord that baby weighs a million pounds and being 4 months old, he's still too small/young for a back carry. My shoulders were killing me!

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  • I cried today when I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time. Best sound in the world!
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  • the contestants on the price is right were so happy! i cried on and off through the whole episode. happiness/excitement always makes me emotional when pregnant...ridiculous.

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  • I cried because we got pizza delivered for us at work (late night tonight :( so they're feeding us!) well once I got to the break room all the Parmesan cheese and red crushed pepper were gone. There was not 1 packet of anything to pour onto my pizza! It made me soooo sad! I was biting down on my slice with tears rolling down lol ...sigh!
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  • Cried watching a documented about bees, they all died from a virus.
  • LimieLimie member
    I cried last night because we were supposed to meet my husband's best friend and his new girlfriend at a brewery...that didn't even serve water...I ended up crying and staying home. Then I text my husband what I wanted from taco bell and he didn't get my cinnamon twist which is what I really wanted so that was another cry fest. Then I forgot all my work scrubs were dirty...right before bed, my sweet husband washed them for me while I was a babbling, snoty mess lol
  • My niece pooped in the tub and the got poop water all over the bathroom.
  • Diane sawyer sound of music special tonight on ABC. Julie Andrews reenacted her walk down the aisle in the cathedral wedding scene. Still crying about it :((
  • @millette2015 I can relate, though this wasn't during pregnancy. The first (and only) time my husband has ever cooked for me he made spaghetti and put maple syrup in the sauce. Wtf? Who even tries stuff like that?

    Looks like he has seen "Elf" one too many times lol.
  • silly514 said:

    the contestants on the price is right were so happy! i cried on and off through the whole episode. happiness/excitement always makes me emotional when pregnant...ridiculous.

  • I cried today because my man got a text from a friend of his that is female.
    :( iv been super jealous and suspicious lately
    Hoping it's the hormones and not intuition.
  • I nearly cried when the bra I had ordered came in, and I got all excited and tried it on, and it's TOO small! And Amazon doesn't stock my size jn that bra, so I had to pay another $20. Hopefully this one will work.

    I'm insanely jealous of anyone with a d-cup or smaller right now!

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  • I cry almost everytime I watch "Say Yes to the Dress"!! Pregnancy hormones ! Haha
  • The Tim Horton's lady put cream and sugar in my tea!!!
  • I watched a baby story on discovery channel ... Why did I do that
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