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So lately my LO has become my human backpack ;) He just turned 7 months. Every time I put him down he starts to cry! Every time my husband holds him and he sees me he starts crying! Anyone else going through this same problem? Any suggestions? Is there hope at the end of this tunnel?

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  • YESSSS!!! I started carrying her in my Ergo so i have free hands and she is happy. 


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  • There was a post on this last week. Almost word for word. Ha ha! I guess it must be common. I hadn't really realized until a few days ago when we tried to leave LO with a sitter and he freaked out. Then the next day at a family party he'd be happy until he realized I wasn't holding him then cried for me. Not cool. My first child was not like this! I'm chalking it up to being extra fussy due to teething. I sure hope it's not going to become habit.
    I'm hoping if I expose him to more people it will help
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  • Same here! He's always searching for me when he's in daddy's arms or Grandma's arm. So in order for some chores to get done, he goes in the sling. :)
  • I have been reading a lot about getting ready for seperation anxiety...that could be it. Developmental phase so it should pass :)
  • Thanks... Hoping it's a phase too :)
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