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Opinions on Memorial?

All of my family has ha their babies at St. Joseph's but my OB works for memorial and there's no question about changing him. I've heard all types of things about Memorial like they don't take good care of their patients. Now I'm sure they're great I would just like to hear some of you guys opinions about them??

Re: Opinions on Memorial?

  • St Joe's delivers babies? I've never heard of Memorial. I delivered at Northside and had a wonderful experience.
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  • jnnfrrose6jnnfrrose6 member
    edited March 2015
    Which hospital is "Memorial?" I'm also not familiar with it and my company works with all if the makor ones around town, so it's odd that I woukdnt recoginize one.

    ETA Do you mean Grady Memorial Hospital (I think that's its "official" name)?
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  • Grady Memorial is a trauma hospital and public city hospital. I also didn't know they delivered babies. I hope this doesn't come off wrong  (without any research), but I would not want to deliver my baby there.


  • I agree with @JulesDiane . If you've been shot or burned, Grady is the place to go. For pregnancy, there's plenty of other hospitals around town that I'd go to before Grady unless it was an emergency and the closest one.
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