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Loss of a twin

hi ladies - it breaks my heart to say that I had my 12 week US, genetic counseling appt and high risk appt re: fraternal spontaneous twins and age (40) and I found out that I lost one twin at 8 weeks. They were very empathetic and supportive and reassured that twin A looks perfect and nuchal US was perfect etc. I'm just so sad and heartbroken about loss and also thankful that other twin got a good report but so shocked since I've been feeling great without any symptoms. Just curious if this has happened win anyone else. I was told it's more common than you think with multiples and that because I was followed very early with US at 5 & 7 weeks that this often can happen early on and you never know you had another baby. Please say prayers for my other baby. I'm so afraid for the other even though they said there is no risk for other baby.

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  • No personal experience, but I knew a woman who told me she was concerned for "vanishing twin" when she found out she was expecting twins.
    I am so sorry for your loss, and will be praying for your babies and for you.... (((hugs)))
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  • No experience here either, but I'm very sorry for your loss. Prayers for you!
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  • I have a friend who had the same exact thing happen to her. Also heard it was common. Very sad :( thinking of you and wishing you a heathy pregnancy with your beautiful Baby A.
  • So sorry for your loss. I will definitely say a prayer for you and your little one.
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  • So sorry for your loss. Sending lots of T&P that Twin A keeps growing healthy and strong.
    Me: 35 DH: 35 - Married 10 years
    PCOS and MF

    Two failed rounds IUI in 2010
    IVF #1 in 2011 - BFP 8/5/11 - Our IVF miracle was born 4/8/12
    FET 9/23/13; BFP -Twins-10/3/13; EDD 6/10/14; MC 11/1/13; D&C 11/4/13
    FET 3/28/14; BFN - 4/7/14
    IVF #2 - Transfer 2 embryos 11/14/14; BFP 11/24/14 - Beta 265;
    11/26/14 - Beta 612; 11/28/14 - Beta 1263; 12/1/14 - Beta 3571;
    12/3/14 - first u/s - two gestational sacs; 12/17/14 - two healthy heartbeats (132 and 134)
    Our IVF miracles were born 7/16/15

  • I'm sorry for your loss and prayers for Twin A to keep thriving!

    D & L are here at 34 weeks 4 days by vaginal and breech delivery on 11/19/2013
    Two healthy boys weighing 4 lbs 15 ozs and 4 lbs 5 ozs.  Only 6 days in the NICU and getting bigger, stronger and cuter every day! 
  • Thinking of and praying for you!!! This recently happened to a friend of mine....her twin A ended up perfect and she carried to term....
  • My grandma was the survivor of the same situation (vanishing twins) and she's still super healthy now almost turning 80. In sorry to hear that this has happened to you though and I'm praying for your other little one that she will grow to full term healthily!
  • This is what I am currently dealing with as well. I went in for a 13 week US and check up the end of February only to find out that baby B stopped developing around 8 weeks. I had no indication that anything was wrong. Baby A was text book perfect, and I was told that I should be able to proceed with my pregnancy as a "normal singleton pregnancy" from here on out. I totally feel for you, and know how you feel. It is the most horrible feeling to know that you have lost a baby, and very conflicting to still try and be happy for the baby that is healthy. I just have to keep reminding myself that I NEED to keep going strong for my 4 y.o. son, and the baby that is still growing. We can do this! Hang in there! **HUGS**
    Joey 06.05.2010, MC Jan 2014-EDD 09.11.2014, Aurelia 08.24.2015 (lost twin ~12 weeks), Ectopic Loss Feb 2016, EDD 01.03.2018
  • Did you have any symptoms of this? Decrease in anything? I had twins and an ultrasound at 7w1d showed both babies sacs and both babies heartbeats, but all of a sudden around week 8 I woke up with way less nausea, less bloating and less tender breasts. I'm so scared that this may indicate something awful like vanishing twin. Did any of you that lost one feel similar at all?
  • I was EXTREMELY nauseated and vomiting constantly during the time the baby stopped developing. I had no physical changes at all. No cramping, spotting, bloat changes, change in breasts, nothing to indicate what was happening on the inside. It could just be a lucky break in symptoms, unfortunately without a Doppler or US you wont know for sure. I hope everything turns out well for you!!

    Joey 06.05.2010, MC Jan 2014-EDD 09.11.2014, Aurelia 08.24.2015 (lost twin ~12 weeks), Ectopic Loss Feb 2016, EDD 01.03.2018
  • Sorry for your loss :(
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