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I need support

I really do not remember is I have ever mentioned a lot about my dd and when she was born. The past 7 months have been crazy between my mom haveing ALS and dying in February and my DD open heart surger in November which left me house bound for 3 months. When my dd was born the dr thought something was off with our DD. She mentioned a couple things that concerned her and said blood work was going to be done to get to the bottom of it. It was a hard week in the hospital with her and a lot of things did not go well. Finally we were able to take her home but she had feeding issues and need more blood work done. So about three weeks after she was brown we went in to see a ped dr who was not our dr because he was not free that day. After the visit she told us to wait our dr wanted to talk to us. Now my DD dr happens to be my dr and has been my Dr since I was born. Once he came into the room out heart just drop because he did not look like he had happy news. That day we found out our DD had Down syndrome and we been scared since. Our DD is amazing and smart and beautiful in every way and we have seen many Drs and we do not know how this will effect our DD till she starts talking and gets older. I am so scared what other people are going to say, do and how they will treat her. I love her so much and I do not want her to be bullied and miss treated like I was. I am now getting my special edu degree so I can help her as much as I can so she can do what ever she wants to do in life but I scared about people trying I stop her because she has downs. I live in a small town in a small state and we are trying to find a support group and I have been so scared to share this on here. I just want people to see how beautiful and amazing my little girl is though my eyes.


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Re: I need support

  • I support YOU! I am a special education teacher of mostly students with Down syndrome and I just love them!!!! I'm here to help with whatever!!! I wouldn't even mind giving you my personal email. People who judge are usually those who are uneducated. I teach at the high school level. My students are excepted by the other students. We even have 4 girls on the cheer team. You are doing great mama! Never stop fighting for her. Another tip of advice is to keep her part of the community, treat her like any other kid (with small exceptions to her ability level). My most successful kids are those who's parents discipline, included them, educate them, and give them ever opportunity no matter their label. Please let me know if you need anything!!! I'm so passionate about this topic :)
  • Your daughter is absolutely amazing and beautiful! What a great mom she has too, who obviously loves her immensely!
  • That's great that you're getting a special education degree. It's understandable that you're worried about how she'll be treated. It can be a cruel world out there no matter who you are! You have so much love for her I'm sure it will show in her confidence as she gets older! :)
  • My major change is from nursing to education and I already have a liberal arts degree with almost all my core classes in nursing. My dad is almost done with his masters in special education. I am really about a year from my associates in special education.


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  • Your daughter is beautiful, and she is and will continue to be a blessing in all of the lives she will touch! Like others have said, it only shows what a good mother you are for worrying about the obstacles she'll encounter. You'll be her advocate, and I'm sure with your support she'll grow up to be a strong woman!
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  • My DD does not have physical traits so far and the genetic dr said she would have never guessed if we did not have blood work done. We just got the second blood test back because our dr wanted to run it again because he did not trust the hospital I delivered at. That came back with the extra crom.


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  • I have a cousin with severe downs. My aunt has been amazing since his birth and you will find how incredibly supportive the Downs community is... In person or online, whatever you can find which works for you. There are thousands of supportive parents who also counsel. You will be in good hands. Remember to smile and enjoy everyday!
  • I babysat for a little boy that had down and it was an incredible experience. It was different for sure but in a good way. I'm also following this blogger who has three kids, and her second daughter has ds as well. I highly recommend checking out her link at www.kellehampton.com

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