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Pacifier love hate relationship

I loved the pacifier for so long! Our son is comforted by it, enjoys it to fall asleep....but now...Last night I was up for an hour as he wanted it to fall asleep but would loose it out of his mouth just before drifting off and want it again (not the first time). Trying to decide if we should ditch it and teach him to self soothe and goe through some sleepless nughts with the hopes of more sleep in the long run or wait out another month or so when "they" say babies learn to put it back in. Has anypne else weaned or had experinces with babies learning to put it back in during the middle of the night?

Re: Pacifier love hate relationship

  • For whatever reason, our LO has never wanted a paci. It was frustrating at first but we found other ways to help him self soothe. White noise and soft toys. However with the soft toys we don't use those at night, only during day when I'm supervising his naps. I'm curious what others use to help LO self soothe
  • We took it away cold turkey last night. It went better than I anticipated, still rough. Naps today are harder than night for sure. He has a lovey we have been using, but doesn't seem attached to it all. Hopefully just a few nights/days and he'll figure it out :)
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  • My sister rarely used a pacifier with all 3 of her children.  I plan on rarely using one as well...There are times when I am out somewhere and I see 3-5 year olds with one in their mouths.  I could scream when I see that!
  • Totally! We knew we were going to kick the habit no later than the one year mark, but decided early since it was a constant walk to and from his crib too many times at night! Happy to say he transitioned pretty easily! Down to just two wakes a night now, phew!
  • My DD only likes it to fall asleep or car rides. 


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