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Travel system for affordable price

I'm a single mother 33 weeks. Not much help around. Looking to purchase a car seat and stroller. I don't make much money so my budget is pretty tight. I need a nice brand for an affordable price. I wouldn't like to spend no more the $200 all together. Please help

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Re: Travel system for affordable price

  • Sorry, I'm late to the party but have you looked into the Urbini Omni travel system? It is only sold at walmart but both the stroller and car seat have excellent reviews and it is $199 total. I've not actually seen one in person yet (a little too early for me), but I was really attracted to the design, it's lightweight AND has a bassinet. Most strollers with bassinets are way over $500.
  • You might consider looking into a consignment store for strollers and buy just the matching car seat new. It may or may not save you some money. We have the chicco cortina travel system and Once Upon a Child had soooo many of those strollers available, I'm kinda mad I didn't consider that before I bought the whole travel system.
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