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I gave my husband the following list of names for our fourth daughter:

Ella Kate
Molly Kate
Maya ?
Sara Elisabeth
Celina Avery
Avery ?

He has narrowed the list down to:

Celina Avery
Ella Kate

Our other girls are:

Alana Claire
Julia Isabel
Olivia Ann

Of the two my husband has narrowed down, which would go best? One day I am leaning toward one name and the next day I switch.

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  • I personally think Ella is really cute and goes well with the other names!
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  • I personally like Celina Kate better, see if you can try to sell him on that
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  • I love your girls' names. Very pretty. Since all of their names end in -a I would continue the tradition with your 4th daughter.

    I think since your husband likes two of the names on your list just narrow it down to those two. Ella Kate is cute and goes well with the other names. I prefer the Selena spelling for Celina, and it's a nice name too. I personally prefer Ella, but I don't think you can go wrong. Congrats!

  • Ella Katherine


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  • Celina Kate. I am so freaking over Avery.
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  • Celina Kate is very cute!
  • Ella kate
  • I like Ella
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  • whatevs89 said:

    Celina Kate is very cute!

    Yes.. I greatly prefer this to Celina Avery!

    I would go with Ella Kate or Celina Kate. Ella is adorable and great with sibset, but Celina is much less popular and very pretty too.
  • I think that both names go well with your sibset, but I prefer Celina to Ella.  I agree that Celina Kate is better than Avery, although, I don't mind Avery for a girl so much in the middle name spot as opposed to a first name.
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    Of your original list Sara Elizabeth is my absolute favorite. 

    Of your husband's selections I think Ella Kate sounds best with the rest of your sib set. However Selena (I prefer this spelling) Kate could also work. 

    Avery is a boy's name.
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  • Celina if you drop Avery
    Ella if you dont

  • I like Ella Kate. Although I think you should stick to your guns about Sara Elisabeth! (That's my name! So obviously it's my favorite!
  • Ella Kate & Celina Kate are beautiful names.
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  • We have very similar taste. I vote Ella Kate. My DD is going to be Ella.
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  • 4N6s4N6s
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    Celina kate
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