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Losing my edge.

I can't tell anymore, so if you're an old reg having fun, please forgive me, because there's just SO MANY INSTANCES OF INSANITY that I can't pick through. But I appreciate you.


Re: Losing my edge.

  • You're like the only reg I recognize from the good old days.

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  • Haha @frownyface‌ I was so sure the skinny girl thread was an old reg until she went all crazy! There should be some sort of code so we know.
  • I'm an old reg ish. Posted a few times, commented quite a bit, and was around for the shit show.
  • Reg here too. Though I'm not posting that much on here anymore. More just lurking cause I have nothing nice to say.

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  • Semi reg here. Coming out of the lurking shadows to say--thanks for that tank top recommendation a LONG time ago. I live in mine and want to order all the colors. I don't see too many other reg comments around here. This place is pretty dead.
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  • I was on the bump in first tri, left due to it getting nuts on here and a little while ago went to look for the contraction counter and saw the board had changed. What is the shit show that went down?
  • I'm also reg-ish lurked mostly did some commenting, only managed to post a couple times before it all went to hell.

    @frownyface I love all the supernatural gifs and pics you use. Can't get enough of that show.
  • Reg Since October last year , hey frowny ...
  • I was a semi regular before the fall out. Glad to see some familiar faces! Not much longer to go girls!


  • clover28 said:

    Can we have an weekly/daily/hourly old reg thread? Like if you joined in October or earlier and regularly posted in this community you can post in our thread otherwise GTFO?

    I miss having conversations about things that matter. Like food gif parties.


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  • I literally laughed out loud at the frownyface gif

  • I lost it with the rusty people skills gif! I'm not sure if I'm grumpy or just tired today, definitely not a fan of people. So fitting!
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  • Ok.... "Breastfeeding daddy" has got to be someone coming back, right?!? Gag
  • ^^ That was my thought too. That can't be real.
  • Reg here and I agree I can never tell what the heck is going on here. It's a bummer.
  • Semi reg/lurker from the beginning. The board is so slow and boring now. Besides of course breastfeeding daddy..
  • Nesquik!! Now there's a new fetish to try ...I also wonder Does he also wear a diaper all day and uses a pacifier to help him sleep ??
  • If some of the old regs are making this stuff up then I give them so many kudos because they have me fooled anymore!
  • clover28 said:

    Can we have an weekly/daily/hourly old reg thread? Like if you joined in October or earlier and regularly posted in this community you can post in our thread otherwise GTFO?

    I miss having conversations about things that matter. Like food gif parties. I should have went to the dark side but I tried and just didn't like it. I like it here. I'm a creature of habit and I like the simplicity of this app as well as the online layout.

    So tired of the nonstop bitching and idiocracy on this board these days. Help.

    Will it include a blanket fort also?  Because those were nice.

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  • The fact that these are all actually real people making these SS threads is terrifying.
  • I've been here for forever but this account is new. I don't have the mental energy for this place most days. Plus the website is wonky, takes FOREVER to load, and they delete my posts because I'm obviously just not dumb enough to be here for reals.
  • I was somewhat of a reg, got quiet for a while when all the insanity went down and just recently started looking again. I didn't join any other community because frankly I'm too tired lol. It does seem however that the ridiculous questions have multiplied tenfold since the hostile takeover....I find myself face palming much more often...
  • It's not just the ridiculous questions that have me face palming. Has anyone noticed the spelling and grammar on some of these women? I mean we all have our moments, but just read something like the tanning post and I want to bang my head against a wall.
    How are these people going to help their kids with homework?

    .... apparently that's what google is for these days.... yay for generations of techno savvy-i-can-find-it-online children!! because education is also going that way... ... *sigh*... this is said in a sarcastic kind of way... i'm not saying its a good thing.
  • Frowny, you haven't lost your edge. Honestly, if I read one more "just don't respond" "keep on scrolling" "isn't this a community for support" post, I may lose it. Everyday I keep on scrolling, because if I didn't I would have been banned a long time ago. The one that gets me the most is when SSs talk about building their community of rainbows and glitter. Their utopian community already existed on every other pregnancy forum. Why did they feel the need to take over this one too? Where is Rhopa when you need a good smack down?
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