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Worried Early Intervention Eval

I've posted a while back about DS not eating solids foods. He only eats crunchy things, smooth baby food, baby cereal and yogurt. He refuses anything sticky including fruit, pasta, meats etc. if we get him try something out of his regular likes he will gag or throw up. We went to the doctor earlier in the week. She recommended a feeding sensor eval with a speech therapist. I also have a call into early intervention to see if they can do the eval or go straight to the speech therapist.

I'm so worried because of course I've googled and can only fine sensory processing disorder which freaks me out. Although he seems to be fine in every other area other then eating. My other research had lead me to DS struggling with certain textures because of he reflux.

I always put the cart before the horse so I'm freaking out thinking the worse even before the eval. Just wondering if anyone else is dealing with the same thing. Thanks!
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Re: Worried Early Intervention Eval

  • I understand the anxiety that comes with an early intervention screening but it's only being done to help your LO.

    My best friend has 2 boys with sensory processing disorder and she also has it. They are learning to cope with it and make changes as best fit for their household. I wouldn't stress too much until everything is done, but keep in mind that everyone who assesses your LO has your LOs best interests in mind.

    Being an early childhood teacher it breaks my heart when parents are misinformed and therefore refuse to help their child. Our state has a webpage with a plethora of information, I'll look it up at work tomorrow and link it here if you'd like. I know your state will be different but the info may be comforting.

    Thanks so much.
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  • My LO prefers crunchy stuff a lot of the time, but he will eat everything.
    He eats Cheerios and crunch veggie straws like there's no tomorrow.
    He loves yogurt and oatmeal.
    Sometimes he refuses toast or bread.

    I think his preference for crunch or 'mush' are teething related (for him, may not be for yours).

    Have you tried a favourite food served in a different way?
    I ask because DS1 used to not eat certain foods when MIL fed it to him. I realized she was serving him the food in small pieces but he prefers large. Once she adjusted that, he ate fine.

  • Yes @SurpriseAt39‌ we have tried it all different sizes. Thx for the suggestions.
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  • My 8 year old has sensory processing disorder. He was diagnosed at age 5. But when he was little he didn't start really eating baby food till after 1 he nursed and ate the puffs. He he still can't do Apple sauce. Now he try's everything but it took along time to get him to eat properly. It's great that you are getting a head start the earlier the better. Hopefully nothing is wrong but either way your headed in the right direction.
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