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toddler bed

Hello all-
Just curious have you or when are you planning for your LO to be in their toddler bed?? DD will be 2 in March and we are thinking about making that her gift. I want to make it fun!

Also, did anyone skip toddler bed and go right to twin/full with a guard rail? Any advice or thoughts are a big help! TIA!!

Re: toddler bed

  • DS has been on a twin since this summer. I would only use the toddler bed if you're on a budget (Walmart's $50 one got several years of use from us) or tight on space. If not, I'd go straight to the twin.

    If you want to avoid the guard rail, we just put the mattress on the floor for the transition period. He's been doing just fine for the past few months, so we recently elevated his mattress onto a frame. We have honestly had no issues and he loves to climb into bed himself and get comfortable for our bedtime routine.
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  • I'm not planning on it until he starts to get out of his crib.  I dread not having him contained at night.  I'm petrified.
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  • We just recently put a twin bed into our 2 year old's room.  It was his birthday present from G&G.  Only took us 3 months after his birthday to finally get it set up.  He was sleeping in his crib converted to a toddler bed.  Originally we were going to do the switch around his 2nd birthday, but baby sister was born 2 weeks before that & we didn't want to change things too much.  Surprisingly, he's slept in it like nothing has changed - thank goodness!  Mama needs the crib for baby girl. :)  I did make sure to put some bedding that he would think was really cool on it (construction trucks).  He walked in after it was all set up  with a big smile on his face & wanted to climb in & out of bed non stop.
  • We switched each of the boys to a twin captain bed just before they turned two. (I had another baby so, needed the crib) The bed was only 13 inches off the ground so I didn't use a rail or anything. I figured if he rolled out, it wasn't too far. The best idea we got was the "just for him" bedding that we knew he would want. DS1 got purple because it's his favorite color. DS2 got Mickey Mouse.  
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