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Teething Toys...

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Got the idea from another mom about the Amber Teething Necklace and got one for my 6 month old. Tried it out but it almost seems to be worse than before. Still drooling like crazy and sucking everything he gets his hands on. We tried "The Art Of Cure" brand from Amazon. Has anyone else tried this on their little ones? If so I would love some feedback. Good or bad. Trying to see if I should try a different brand or just stop it all together. Thanks!

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  • Girl...my lo just sticks anything and everything in her mouth. Yesterday she got ahold of a newspaper and I was like...ew. I let her go to town on anything that isn't gross.
  • Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING goes in my LO mouth. If it's not going to hurt him and he can't choke on it I let him. Makes him happy and he isn't fussing so I am fine with it!

    As for the drool lots of bibs. I have a collection, and we go through several a day. Just get cute ones!
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  • What about child safe wooden toys? I found some on etsy. I was also thinking of getting a bunch of different texture fabric scraps and tying them to in knots and just letting little dude go at them. Plus I can machine wash them and it sucks up the drool
  • Just bought the Zoli Baby Bunny Teether. LO seems to really like it, even more than the expensive Nawgum.
  • We use Beabies teether toys which we got on Amazon. Seems to work great.
  • I tried the same Amber necklace because quite a few of my coworkers said they worked awesome for them. For my LO not at all. I just have a tote of bibs and let her chew on anything safe.
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