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Twins-sleep together or 2 cribs?

Just found out yesterday we are expecting twins! EEK=)
Now my mind is going all directions. I've heard twins sleep better together and I've heard they should sleep separate? Please give what has worked for you! Thank you!

Re: Twins-sleep together or 2 cribs?

  • They slept together in the crib until about 3-4 months when they started moving and it became dangerous.

    They now sleep in 2 separate cribs right next to each other.

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  • My boys slept in a PNP for two weeks after they came home from the NICU at 17 days- They were moving around even then so it was dangerous.  They were moved into their own cribs in their room and slept just fine.  Actually they STTN (8p-8a) at 12 weeks and we have not had any issues with sleep- they are now 4 yrs old.

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  • Congrats!!! I'm still pregnant with my twins but I plan to have two separate cribs for them. I was given the suggestion of putting the cribs up right next to one another so they can still hold hands/touch if they want! Best of luck through the rest of your pregnancy :)
  • I bought 2 cribs. I planned on letting them nap together in a pack n play, but DS weighed 1.5lbs more than DD at birth and I was too nervous to let them sleep together.

    They shared a nursery until they were 8 months old. I had to separate them b/c DD kept waking DS up!

    Good luck!

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  • We have a twin bassinet PNP, but put them in one side and changing stationon the other, planning 1 crib as long as possible/practical due to small room, and social sisters...
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  • Mine slept in the same crib until they were 11w old, then they would only sleep in their swings :/ When they were 5m though, they went back to cribs- their own crib in a shared room. 
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  • They slept in the same PNP in our room for a couple months, then we moved them to the same crib until they got too big/showed signs of rolling (5ish months?).  Then one was in a PNP and the other in crib until we finally finished refinishing the second crib.  They've been in separate cribs across the room from one another since then.  They push/hit each other now, so not having them right next to each other is just fine.  We are close to transitioning them to toddler beds.  Not sure how that will go...

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  • I tried to have them sleep together and they didn't really care for it.  So I would say two cribs, but use one if they enjoy it.  We had one in our room and one in their room, but quickly moved them to RnPs when it didn't work for us.  I've seen people making a super crib when the babies are older and pushing the two cribs together with the middle part missing.  
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