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Dizzy, lightheaded, headache

Anyone else feeling dizzy and lightheaded lately? I have been on and off but didn't think it was a big deal. Today I have had a killer headache too. I'm gonna call the doctor in the am but any thoughts...

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  • sorry no help here, but good idea calling your doctor

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  • I've been told it's normal but it could also be a sign of something else going on. My doctor told me since our hearts are working harder to pump the blood up from the lower part of our bodies this can lead us to feel light headed. If it's severe I would speak with your doctor and they may choose to run some tests.
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  • It could be nothing, but better to be safe... Preeclampsia is very serious and involves bad headaches and other symptoms. So get in quickly so they can rule that out
  • I've been feeling that way a lot lately and a few days ago found out through blood work that I am anemic. Taking extra iron has already started helping :) I also can't lay on my back or even recline too far back in a recliner because baby is big enough to reduce blood flow when laying up against my spine like that. I tend to forget and lay like that anyway and then out of nowhere get lightheaded...just have to break that habit! I hope you feel better soon :)
  • I've been feeling the same symptoms. I went to my family doctor for a quick blood pressure check (it's normally low) and it was fine. My iron was low last OB appt so they are checking that again. They told me to double my fluid intake and wait on my iron results.
  • dehydration! This happened to me and that's what the doc told me it was.
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  • Blood pressure and iron are good. Doc told me to up water consumption and eat small meals closer together.
  • Lurking from early June. I had a fainting spell earlier this week. When I asked my ob today he said perfectly normal due to our hearts working harder. It could also be blood sugar, I believe thats what caused mine, 14 hours between eating. He just said if it continued to go back. His other advice was to sit down when it happens so you won't collapse.
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