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Feeling guilty...

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Im sure that I'm not the only one dealing with this, but I wanted to write this anyway to see if I could hear it from you all... I over-ate tonight at dinner and I am feeling totally guilty... I had a salad, that was a good start- and I made turkey meatballs, of which I had 3... But I had a whole bunch of tortolini with it and to make matters worse, I made a cherry pie and literally ate about a quarter of it myself... And oh yeah last night I had pizza and ice cream for dinner... I have been working so hard at sticking to all healthy foods and for the most part I adhere to it really well... People tease me at work because I usually turn down the myriad of snack foods around the office. But I can't help feeling I did a disservice to my little growing girl because I ate so much... She doesn't seem too upset right now with all the kicking she's doing... probably on a sugar high... But I'd love some reassurance that I'm not the only one and that I'm doing a good job at this "mommy" thing so far

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  • Your not alone. I too have been battling this. I ate nachos tonight and wasn't even hungry when I sat down. Now I am super uncomfortable. I seem to do great until evening time. I need better will power!
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  • I think you are being hard on yourself. I am not overly concerned with what I eat as long as I avoid things I definitely should not have while pregnant. If you like to make sure you stick to certain eating habits than start again tomorrow. It'll be a new day.
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  • I loved salad before I was pregnant, I haven't had one for weeks I just can't bring myself to eat one :-( I'm not eating as I should be but am making sure I'm eating fruit and veg, as long as baby is moving and is growing don't worry about it,
  • I thought I'd be on a totally healthy diet whilst pregnant. I do eat well, but I've had cravings for sweets and for some fast food (which I swore off, but leaving work after 9 for an hour drive home has made that commitment a bit fuzzy). I look at it as an 80/20% rule and give myself a break. My baby is healthy and she'll likely have a bit of a sweet tooth, like her momma.
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    I am battling this also! I seem to do okay during the day with including lots of fruits and veggies but in the evening it's Oreos, pudding, brownies, ice cream, anything sweet and chocolatey! And I always feel guilty about it! I thought I would be so healthy while pregnant but "cravings" are stronger than my will-power I guess!
  • You're doing the best you can, mama. We have enough mom guilt, so don't put even more on yourself. I love the 80/20 rule. Eat right most of the time, get some exercise, but also indulge when you need.
  •  I'll cry into my Kashi and curse at Tony Horton while doing P90x after I have this baby.
    LOL - Ha! Love it - I'm in the same camp here. I usually eat what I want. Not restricting myself much these days - After the first trimester, I'm just happy that I like to eat again! 
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  • Baby will get what she needs from you. Your body will suffer not hers. No worries mama... I think every pregnant gal over indulges from time to time, or even day to day. You're being too hard on yourself!
  • Thanks ladies! I just had a followup ultrasound today and she's looking great- 76th percentile for weight which is fine- thanks for the encouragement!
  • I indulged more than ever yesterday - the timing on this is crazy.  yesterday I ate anything and everything and this morning i feel sick.  just terrible.  I have had small daily indulgences since becoming pregnant but I think I was exhausted yesterday so the only thing that kept me going to was food and I made terrible choices from sun up to sun down... and today I am paying for it.  bleh.  it happens though, pregnant or not! lol
  • Wow I eat whatever and haven't gained much and baby is healthy. I ate worse with my 1st and she is perfect and I only gained 30 lbs don't worry about it!

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  • I've found that the only way (for me) to stay eating healthy is to make a meal plan for the week, and to buy only foods that I won't feel guilty eating. With v-day just past, I've had a chocolate problem though. I'm stuck between "if I eat it all, I won't be able to eat any more so I should just get it over with" and "I'll just throw it all away". Don't feel bad! Baby can handle some junk food, and one bad day is not going to hurt her.
  • I'm the opposite. I feel like I have barely let myself indulge at all and u have still put on 26 pounds at 29 weeks. I am too afraid to indulge after this weight gain.
  • I fully support what everyone else is saying. Don't feel guilty. I started off eating as healthy as I could but you reach a point where I think you just need to feel good about something, even if it's just what you eat. So much is out of our control right now, but if I can make a shitty day better by eating those peanut butter m&m's, then so be it. I'm happy, baby's happy.
  • Hey don't feel bad, eat what you fancy I do!
    I'm gonna worry about watching what I eat after my baby has arrived, we only have a few months left!!! Enjoy your food
  • I've had like 4 donuts today.  You are just fine with what you ate.  Don't beat yourself up.
  • You're doing great! We all need to give ourselves a break. This pregnancy thing is no piece of cake!!! So I say we all deserve a piece of cake, or two...

    That being said - I think we've all felt our share of guilt when we haven't ate according to plan.

    I got results that I failed (hate that word) my gestational diabetes test today. I bawled my eyes out thinking I'm a terrible mother already and this is because of my poor diet and exercise during pregnancy.

    Then I took a step back and realized that I need to cut myself some slack. So much of pregnancy is BEYOND OUR CONTROL so we all need to relax and just enjoy this time with our LO. And don't sweat the small stuff :)
  • You ladies are so awesome!! Thanks again!!
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