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Birthday related - family gifts for nieces & nephews

Hi there! I haven't been on the bump for awhile. I have a birthday gift issue. Both of my children's birthdays are at Christmas. Up til now mine and dh' brothers and sisters have gotten them presents every year, even if there was no party they would drop them by or give them once we saw them again. This year no one gave them a present. my kids could care less and didn't notice due to Christmas toys and presents from us. Do I take this as a sign that we aren't going to give each other's kids birthday presents? We've always sent cards with money or a gift to all of our nieces and nephews in the past. The first one is coming up in a week and we need to decide if we'll stop. What do you think?

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  • That's a tough one. In my family, they kind of stop giving gifts to the kids around 13, especially if there is no party, but then again my one Aunt has always sent me something and I just turned 34. It's tough because you don't know if it's a money issue, and it's rude to ask. I say you give a gift this time and see what happens. I am guessing this wasn't at a party for the kids? Do they live far away? I dunno, personally I give a gift to whom I want to, with no expectation of a gift in return. Do what you feel.
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  • Did they not give a Christmas gift either? DS2 birthday is Christmas Eve. He just got one present from some of my family @ Xmas with no mention of bday. DS1 is 6 (nov bday) and just got a card from some and then gift @ Christmas. I guess we will see what happens next time. It's strange that both of your siblings didn't give presents at the same time. I've heard from others with holiday birthdays that they try to celebrate early in the month or later so the kiddo gets a party.
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