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GTKY What is Your Dream Vacation?

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Just thinking, would be a good way to chat with everyone :) I've been a few places here and there but my dream vacation would have to be New Zealand! It just looks so beautiful and I love how you could drive from the mountains to the beach in 1 day. Plus it's featured in LOTR and looks amazing lol

So where do you want to travel?

Re: GTKY What is Your Dream Vacation?

  • I would love to go to NY in the fall :) to see the leaves changing color and feel a real winter breeze.
  • Alaska.
    Oh and New York & Las Vegas are places I'd like to return to again.
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    As a Mainer, I can assure you that a winter breeze is not all it's cracked up to be @blondee4685‌ ;) lol. Although I may be a little prejudice due to the approximately 100 inches of snow we've had this winter (most of which was dumped on us over just the past 2 weeks).

    Joking and teasing aside, I would love to do a European vacation. Mainly Scotland, England, and France. My mom's family came from Scotland, and my sister and I agreed that once all my kids are old enough to appreciate it we will take a trip with them to see the fun things and try to get to some places that we found to have significance in my mom's old family history books.

  • @mindfulmama14 I've always wanted to go to Alaska too! One day when my kids are old enough my H and I want to take a road trip out west across Canada, then drive straight up to Alaska. It would be long, but we would see so much :)

  • Cruise to Beleize, with just the hubby, and ziplining thru the rainforest.
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  • A cruise somewhere warm sounds pretty nice right now!
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