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Anyone else want to punch H in the face?

don't get me wrong i love H but he has been a crab monster for weeks now and taking it out on me and LO. I am up with LO every night however many times it takes while he sleeps the night through. Up till now he has been the one to rise and shine with her at 6:30am so i can finally get some much coveted sleep. Well this morning he told me in a not nice way that he now expects me to rise and shine with her at 6:30 after being up all night because he wants more than EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP!!!! Can you believe that?! He gets 8 hours of sleep, which i havent had since i was pregnant, and he has the audacity to ask for more! Wtf is up with that!?!? So I'm tired all day and he comes home from work and the first thing out of his mouth is "what have you done all day? This place is a mess." I didn't do the dishes cuz i was too damn tired! Then he goes on a rant of how he works 12 hour days right now while i sit at home and do nothing all day. . . Seriously? He may work 12 hours but i work 24. And i go to school and work weekends. He continues his rant with how he never gets to see his friends or play basketball (which he does every wednesday) and how we never have sex (cuz i'm too tired!) I would kill for 8 hours of uninterupted sleep! Or a latte with my friends. But you don't hear me complaining cuz i love LO more than sleep, more than friends, more than sex and when she is awake she is more important than dishes or cleaning the house. So here i am awake since 6:30am, going on maybe 4 hours of sleep. And when H gets home i may very well punch him in the face. If i knock him out with a bat to the head then he may very well get more than 8 hours of sleep that he wants.

Re: Anyone else want to punch H in the face?

  • Do you have a family member that might be able to come help you during the day so you can rest? Maybe there is more going on with H and it's coming out towards you :( my hubby helps out but more when I ask. I do all the night stuff. My mom has come and spent the night and taken care of LO so we can sleep. You need sleep and your H needs sleep. I'm sorry he is so upset. I hope you guys can talk and work it out.
  • Thank you for sharing your feelings! It's been a while since someone has used this board for a good vent, and I really appreciate it. Hope it felt good to let this all out.

    If it were me, I'd make plans and let him know that he's watching the baby some night. I'd go to a friend's house.. Take a nap in their bed.. And then go with said friend for a latte.
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  • My H means well, but does a little of the same. I am working full time at a childcare, so I am with LO 24/7 AND doing the working mom thing (I am blessed to have the opportunity to do it, but sometimes I wish that it I am watching her all the time anyway I could ammo least do it at the comfort of my home in yoga pants). I have had many arguments about the fact that I do all the night time care, all the day time care, work 40+ hours, and he isn't much help with house work and gets put out when I ask him to take her so I can pump, shower, eat with more than 1 hand. Last time he was irritated that I woke him at 6 on a Saturday so I could get an hour of two of sleep after being up most of the night with her...I may have told him she is kid too, and he can help, or head right next door to his parents' because if I'm going to do is to all myself anyway, I should at least not have to listen to his snoring, or be irritated that he is in bed by 9:30.

    Rant over....I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  • Mine acts similar. Sure he has to go into the office sometimes, but mostly works from home. I take care of a baby and a three year old all day. I've done all of the night time feedings. I get he works hard, but they fail to see that we have a 24 hour job. He complains about the same things, being tired, lack is sex, not going out- which he still does occasionally. I never go anywhere. I think it's due to the selfish male nature ;) glad I have other ladies to share a boat with!
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