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I was just wondering the different types of fathers on this message board. What do you all do for a living? Does work interfere with being with your family more than you'd like?

I work for a healthcare company setting up home oxygen and medical equipment. Long hours and an on call schedule makes it a little bit harder on me when it comes to bonding with my son.
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  • Actuary. 7:30-4:00 are my hours with a one hour lunch break. Not a bad gig. I did spend 6 years completing exams which was rough. When my son was born I had one left to finish. I passed it, but it was a rough 4 months of studying. I usually studied for 30 minutes before work, an hour during work, during my one hour lunch break, stayed 2 hours after work to study and one hour before bed. I usually aimed for 5-6 hours a day of studying. I do not miss those days.
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  • Mechanical Engineer, I get up at 5:20 am and a lot of times don't get home until around 6 pm.  I really should work more hours based on project deadlines but my company doesn't force people to work more than 40 hours, I voluntarily do more (roughly 45 hours a week).
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  • Winemaker, hours are 10:30 to 6:00. No younglings yet though, wife is almost halfway towards our first
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  • I work in retail distribution.  I work Sun-Wed, 10 hour days, so I get 3 days off, 2 alone with the kids, 1 as a full family.  The days I work, I don't feel like I get enough time with the kids, but it does allow me 3 days with them uninterrupted, the two days alone are typically very nice, since they are during the standard work week, I can take the kids to the zoo or the local children's museum when it is quieter since most parents are at work, allowing them to play easier.
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