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Generations or HealthEast Grand?

I just found out I am pregnant, and so far think I would like to do a waterbirth at St. Joe's.  I am wondering if anyone has any information on either the Generations Midwives in Shoreview or the HealthEast Midwives on Grand Ave in Saint Paul?  They both seem to have great reviews, and The Grand Ave location is much closer to me but I did notice in my research so far that the Grand Ave location doesn't have an ultrasound machine on sight, so I'm not sure how that works? 

Also, if anyone has any info on what happens at your first appointment at either place, I'd love to know!

Re: Generations or HealthEast Grand?

  • I'm at grand ave and like it. In a typical pregnancy you'd only have one or two ultrasounds, so it's really no big deal. You can have your ultrasound right at st. Joe's.
  • I've used Generations for my first 2 pregnancies and using them for #3 too and I can't recommend them enough!!! Their staff and midwives ( and Dr France) are amazing!! I had wonderful, attentive births with my first 2 and am excited to use them to deliver my 3 rd baby. I love how I can call there at any time and they know me and can ask anything and they will get me right in if needed. It's actually very nice to have ultrasound right on site. Their ultrasound tech, Kim, is wonderful. In all of my pregnancies I've had to have more than one ultrasound- bleeding, low fluid, etc and it's very convenient to have the ultrasound right there. Also, my insurance charges me more if I have to go to the hospital or for ultrasounds or if labs get sent there so that may be something to consider when choosing a clinic if your insurance is the same.

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  • Another thing to consider to is how many midwives the clinic has. Generations has 5 midwives ( I think only 4 are full time) so I will have seen all of them before I deliver. When I used to go to Healtheast Roselawn I believe they shared birth call with all the Healtheast midwives so there were several (some at other Healtheast clinics) who could have delivered my baby. Having a small midwife rotation was a big factor in me choosing Generations. With my first 2 babies, I had the same midwife deliver both and it was so nice to have that comfort level with knowing them.

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  • @brittany12787 I'm due in December and I've been really happy with HealthEast Grand Ave. It is a little bothersome that there's no ultrasound on site. I've had to have 3 US in this pregnancy and each time I've been able to get in same-day at St. Joe's. I'm sure you've had your first appt by now, too!
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