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anyone else develop PUPPS in pregnancy? My stomach is so itchy and the rash is awful. Any recommendations for relief?

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    I think you mean PUPPPS.
    And I had it on my face. Go to a dermatologist and ask them, nothing over the counter is strong enough.
  • I found a site that has one woman's experience with pupps...you could try out her remedy and see if it helps.  Here's the link:  http://www.uniquelynormalmom.com/2011/02/that-dreaded-pregnancy-ailment.html?m=1 

    and here's one more site for some possible remedies:

    Hope this helps!!!
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  • Thank you both! I am seriously in so much discomfort. I don't wish this upon anyone! :(
  • I had it with my first pregnancy.  It was awful! Go to a sympathetic dermatologist.  I had it from neck to toes.  Even on my palms.  No over the counter meds worked even a bit.  I finally resorted to frozen wash cloths (it was August).  If I was numb, then I didn't itch as much.  Derm dr. prescribed a tapering doses of prednisone.  Drs don't like to prescribe it to pregnant women unless they have to but seriously, it's the only thing that really works.  And if you are as miserable as I was, you will accept the possible side effects.  It does cross placenta but drs purposefully give steroids to preterm babies all the time so I was ok with it.  Take your rings off though if you decide to go the steroid route, common side effect for prednisone is swelling.  Good luck!
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  • Yes! It sucks. I have cuts all over from the excessive scratching :(
  • Try oatmeal bath or apply aloe vera gel after bath.
  • I dont wish puppps on anyone! I had it with my first pregnancy and nothing literally cured it until DD was born. :(
    Good luck
  • Thank you so much ladies. The Grandpas Pine Tar soap seems to help as far as natural rememedies go. Other than that I've been prescribed a steroid cream that I dilute with coconut oil and that clears the rash pretty quickly. So once that's on, I point my belly right at a fan and leave a cold rag on! So much effort into getting relief- it's exhausting. But thankfully I can get a couple hours of peace before the itch returns!

    Hopefully she decides to come out soon! For my sake! Ha
  • Yes! It sucks. I have cuts all over from the excessive scratching :(

    Same :(
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