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Store refuse similac checks!

Just a heads up for you mamas! I went to the store and used a similac check and they said I couldn't use it because it didn't have my name on it! They checked my ID!

Re: Store refuse similac checks!

  • That's strange. I've never been asked for ID. What store was it?
  • Um... That's weird. Most stores don't care because Similac sends them the $$ for each Check...
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  • Yeah really weird. I've used other people's checks which I traded on the bump. Can you try a different store? It should not matter whose name is on it.
  • I've never had this happen but my sister did.  It's ridiculous because it's basically just a coupon.
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  • It was at CVS. I don't normally buy formula there but ran out right at LO's bedtime and had to go to the closest store. Not sure why. I think part of the reason was also because they couldn't get the check to run through their machine...they asked me to sign back and checked my ID and realized my name wasn't the one on the check and said they couldn't take it. I haven't had problems other places. It could have just been an angry teenager ready to get off work and not wanting to deal with it so that was the excuse not to have to?
  • I have been asked for ID once. Lol.. and I went to this store lots of times as well. Luckily, my name was on this check. I went back to the same store a couple of times along with different ones and never encountered it again.
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