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I'll try posting my question here first and see if I get any responses...if not I may end up going to the "dark side" too...

Does any one put shoes on their babies? I just started to try putting shoes on my LO, and she HATES them. I want her to wear them to get used to them, but she cries and tries to pull them off. Any tips on getting her to be comfortable with them?
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Re: Baby Shoes

  • I'm also on PB but I am still checking here a little....beat shoes ever are the freshly picked moccasins! They are a little more money, but they are warm, easy to get on LOs feet, and they stay on!

    Come over to PB:)
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  • Are you sure they are the right size? Lo has a few pair of shoes and they are all different sizes so it totally depends on the shoe. I put tennis shoes on LO when we go out cause it is cold and she won't leave her socks on, and dress shoes for particular outfits. She mostly leaves the tennis shoes on cause they are Velcro and she can't get them off as easily, but she has some adorable fuzzy boots she won't leave on.

    Carter's has some for different stages (crawlers, standers, and walkers). Maybe those would be more to her liking.
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  • We do! My son is walking so he wears them everytime we leave the house. I second Freshly Picked moccasins. Just stay with it. She'll get used to it.
  • Shoes on the kids only when we go out because its cold here.
    He tolerates boots more because they are roomier. The only shoes I have that fit him are very rigid.
    He is wearing size 5 or 6 currently, but like I said, only when we go out.

    DS1 didn't start walking in public til about a year and a half so he didn't always wear shoes if it was warm because he would take them off.
    I think it will be the same for LO.

  • I don't put LO in any hard soled shoes yet, but we do have some soft moccasins and bear boots (all very soft, like slippers) that we wear out when it's very cold. I got the boots at carters and the moccasins at babies r us. If I don't fuss over the shoes he seems to forget they are on and won't mess with them.

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  • My little one has to wear shoes since he goes outside at daycare. We have found we like the Pediped shoes the best. Our ped just said they had to have flexible soles until age 2 :)
  • I put shoes on LO everyday to go to daycare, she is barefoot at home.  Some days she is fine wearing shoes and some days she will take them off.  Lo is currently in size 4 stride rites.   She will not wear just socks, they will come off in a heart beat 

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  • When LO is at home or at daycare he's barefoot (the teacher encourages it to help with walking), however whenever we are anywhere else he wears shoes. I can tell they annoy him, but he deals with it. I just make sure the shoe is not easy to take off, because if they are good-bye shoes!

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  • My LO does really well with shoes. He's in socks at home and Whenever we leave somewhere I always put on his shoes. I usually just talk to him while I'm putting them on him and say stuff like "where going bye bye time to put on your shoes" or just little stuff so he understands he has to wear them out of the house(:
  • My LO didn't start wearing shoes until she was 11months bc they started going outside at daycare. I bought her a great pair of stride rite shoes that are built esp for babies starting to walk. They have flexible rubber sole, breathable and stub proof. She hated shoes until I got her these. Make sure they are bendable and comfy if ur LO is starting to walk. And def let her go barefoot when you can
  • My little guy has big chubby feet, I've tried all kinds of shoes, but we love the sketchers running shoes best! I bought them on Amazon!
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