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Water birth?

Any experiences?
Pros and cons?
Water birth verses squatting or just laying down still all natural.

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    I had a water birth with DD and LOVED it! My friend said, "when you went in, it sounded like they gave you drugs"...it made that much of a difference. The tub allowed me to move and pivot my pelvis easily. It also took a lot of the pressure from the contractions away. I did get really hot, but DH had a bowl of cold water and a wash cloth. I didn't want to leave the good feeling of the water. The only pain I had in the days after was from my knee...I have a bad knee, and I pushed against the tub. Nothing that ibuprofen couldn't handle. I will try the water again this time.  

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  • It sounds great one other question... My mom seems to be worried about the first breath...because they usually suck the amniotic fluid out immoderately when the baby is out and she is worried that water birth will effect them taking their first breath...I was sort of confused.
  • I had a water birth, I loved it. I spent most of my contractions actually squatting in the tub. It just made the pain more bearable. I totally feel like the water and my awesome midwives are the reason I didn't need stitches after having a 9 pound baby.
  • pearldove said:

    It sounds great one other question... My mom seems to be worried about the first breath...because they usually suck the amniotic fluid out immoderately when the baby is out and she is worried that water birth will effect them taking their first breath...I was sort of confused.

    Baby won't breathe in their own until they hit the air. For this reason, once you start pushing you can't get out and back in.

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  • I had my first kid via water birth and it was amazing to say the least. Just like pp said; the warm water made such a big difference for the contractions. Before I got in the tub I was mostly on the toilet (so weird and unexpected). I actually was in the squat position as I pushed him out and relaxed my legs once he was out. I pulled him out myself. Don't worry about the first breath under water. They live in water up until the time their born and the umbilical cord is still attached so the blood and oxygen is still pumping into them. My son barely cried. He just laid on my chest until everything was done. I would do it again in a heart beat, but I'm high risk this go around. Major downer.
  • Hi all- I will for sure be laboring in water but not sure if I want to start pushing in the water…we'll see how I feel when the time comes.

    My question to those who have experienced a water birth…what happens if you go #2?


  • My question to those who have experienced a water birth…what happens if you go #2?

    Whoever is with you scoops it out and deals with it. Trust me - you won't care in the moment. My MW had us get one of those little fish net scoopers like they sell at the pet store. 

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  • My DS was born in a hospital and I was allowed to labor in the tub but no pushing in there.  I spent many hours in the water and like others I would pop up into a squat position during contractions to help bring my big boy down into the pelvis.  I did a lot of sitting and squatting over the toilet too.  So weird but it felt natural to do so I went for it.  I also tried pushing squatting on the bed but I was too weak after a long labor to support myself so I ended up doing a modified squat (learned in Bradley class) and it worked great!  Basically I would lay on my back in between contractions and then pop up to my bum while pulling my own legs open and back.

    This time around we are doing a water birth most likely since it will be at a birthcare center.
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  • my last 2 children were water births, it made a huge difference for me.
  • I had a negative water birth experience because I allowed DH and the nurse to fill my water.  They were both worried about making it too hot so it was, at best, a few degrees above room temp.  I was chilled within 30 minutes and it became uncomfortable.  Then when I went to add hot water it wasn't working. If I get the chance to use a tub this time I will definitely be in charge of choosing the temp!

    With DS I delivered him lying flat on my back because that felt sooooo comfortable!  My hospital bed was surprisingly soft and supportive at the same time and I just wanted to lie there so I could rest between pushes.

    So I say go with the flow!  Definitely go for the tub if you can, but if it doesn't work for you just go for whatever feels right/comfortable at the time.  

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  • I just had a home water birth seven days ago and it was glorious. The warm water provided almost instant relief during contractions. I had to get out of the water twice. 1) to break my water and 2) to go to the bathroom and both times were extremely uncomfortable - I didn't want to get out of the pool because it was so comforting. I was in a modified seated squat until I started pushing then moved into a full squat until I pulled him out an hour or so later. He came out so calm and peaceful and is such a quiet, healthy baby. He was exactly 8 lbs and I had two very tiny side tears that required no stitching. My recovery has been great and I attribute that to labour and delivery in the water.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
  • Did water birth with my second. It was so nice. The weightlessness really made a huge difference. Definitely going to do it again with this baby.

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  • I also did a water birth with my second! It was amazing - didn't tear and it was much more comfortable.
  • I was totally excited to have a water birth and selected our birthing center based on it.  In the late stages of my pregnancy, I developed pregnancy carpal tunnel and my hands would often go numb. This was a big disappointment in the tub. When I was at the point that my body started pushing back against the contractions, I needed to get some leverage to get through the contraction.  I couldn't do that while floating in the super full tub.  I flipped to my knees and leaned on the side of the tub but my hands went numb and I couldn't keep myself above water.  Our water was WAAAAY too hot and they couldn't cool it down because there wasn't a drain per se.  They just pump the water out afterward so they couldn't just drain some hot and add some cold.  So we were stuck with a super hottttt tub.  It was great for laboring in up to a certain point, as I could float and rest in between contractions.  I don't know how people can push a baby out without something to hold onto.  I didn't want anyone (including my hubby) to touch me so I couldn't lean on him or anything.  
    As for the poo question, I did have small BMs while contracting. They just floated up and they handed my husband a fish net (they had tons on hand- so you know it's normal) to scoop it out.  I was concerned about it, to be honest.  That, combined with the other things I just mentioned, helped me decide to get out of the tub to labor on the toilet.  I could get leverage and have little poops without concern!  When it was time to push the baby out, they said I could get back in the tub but I couldn't even imagine dealing with the heat at that point so we went with the birthing stool as I liked the position the toilet had me in.  I don't remember exactly but I think I pushed for less than 10 minutes.
    Can't speak for everyone, but I wasn't disappointed at all that we didn't deliver in the tub.  I still consider it a semi water-birth as it was a part of my whole labor experience.  The whole night was the most incredible, difficult thing I've ever done and if you have the same appreciation for the experience, I think you'll be happy with whatever happens. 
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