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I might possibly be delivering at Langley AFB but we have yet to move up to VA . Does that hospital have a nice maternity ward? Should we look into giving birth at Norfolk Naval Base instead husband is in the Navy. Not sure where we should look into.

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  • Forgot to ad we had our first baby born off base.
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  • I think a lot depends on what type of birth experience you want. What is important to you?  I chose to birth at the Midwifery Center in Norfolk because their philosophy and standard procedures fit in line with the type of experience I desired. 
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  • A friend of mine is delivering at Langley and just did the hospital tour.  She said it was really nice and the rooms were really big.  There is no hospital at Naval Operations Base (NOB) Norfolk though, the hospital is in Portsmouth.  I have alos heard good things about the childbirth center there.  I am on standard though and delivering at a civilian hospital so I have no personal experience with either.  

    Being Navy makes no difference as to which base you deliver at.  Personally I would make my decision based on where I was living.  If you are going to live on the Peninsula i would probably opt for Langley, and for Southside I would go for Portsmouth.  The tunnels can be a huge PITA, and I wouldn't want to be dealing with that while in labor or when my H was going back and forth.  

  • I couldn't deliver at Langley and here's why... one of the doctors who is currently practicing there was involved with a seriously negligent issue that resulted in his patient dying.  He left part of her placenta in and she bleed to death.  She was my best friend and the autopsy report stated gross doctor negligence.  This same doctor was responsible a few months ago for not getting all of a womans placenta out again and she delivered what was left into the toilet.  The hospital at first told her it was a blood clot but upon further investigation it was her placenta.  No matter how nice the facility is there's not a chance in hell I would ever deliver there.

     I am going to deliver at Riverside.  This happens to be our third assignment at Langley and I had my DD last time we were here.  Riverside is in Newport News and is only 10 minutes from Langley.  I switched to Tricare Standard so I could choose my doctors and I've been very happy.  If you have any questions please let me know.   

  • I gave birth to my son at the Langley AFB Hospital last year in June and it was a wonderful experience. The maternal ward is beautiful and comfortable, and the staff was Godsend. Nothing my positive things to say about my experience.
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  • I too wouldn't touch LAFB with a 10 foot pole.
    I delivered my DS at Riverside 2 years ago and will deliver DD there shortly. Is going standard an option?
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  • How much did you end up paying on Standard. I am high risk so I am afraid I will be out hundreds of bucks.
  • if you are high risk all the mfm are at portsmouth. they are amazing i see them

    Married 11/27/09 and TTC right away
    Dx: Complete septate uterus with cervical duplication, endometrial polyps, PCOS, endometriosis, hypo thyroid, luteal phase defect
    4 uterus surgeries to correct my complete septum and to remove polyps and 2 years of seeing the RE, medicated cycles and IUIs
    Baby 1 and 2: BFP 3/3/11 with 2 babies EDD 11/1/11, M/C 4/6/11
    Baby #3: 8/11 pregnant EDD 4/27/11 and m/c:(
    Baby #4: 10/12/11 BFP! EDD 6/16/12m/c 10/26/11
    Baby #5: 3/13/12 BFP! EDD 11/25/12 ANOTHER m/c :(

    Baby #6: 2/14/13- BFP! EDD 10/24/13, CP 2/19/13
    Baby #7: 3/15/13- BFP! EDD 11/27/13, another CP
    Baby #8.  BFP 5/19/13 EDD 1/22/14. 8 was not our lucky number

    4th septum resection on 5/31/13.
    Baby #9: 6/29/13 BFP. C section scheduled for March 5th!

    My miracle baby was born March 5 at 9:33am. He was 8 lbs 12.5 oz and 21.25 inches long!


  • I've delivered two babies at Portsmouth Naval and had good experiences overall... you just have to be willing to be a little tenacious and stand up for what you want.  But I feel like that's true of most military facilities. 

    That being said, this area is loaded with tunnels and bridges and until you know where you'll be living, it would be hard for you to determine what kind of drive you would have to various facilities...

  • I am late to this one but I just delivered in November (out in town) but people told me to go to Langley rather that Norfolk...
  • Jennieliz, do you know the name of the doc that was involved in your friend's passing? My colleague told me about that same exact story and Inam wondering if the doc has moved, been relieved or is still there now. I am due in May 2015.
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