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Hair trim/cut before birth?

My hair is long-ish and feeling very blah- I was thinking about getting a trim to clean up my split ends, but I heard that after birth many women lose a lot of hair. I'm wondering if I should wait until after I deliver to considering getting a trim or haircut to see what my hair condition is in then. Any thoughts on this?

Re: Hair trim/cut before birth?

  • You need to trim your hair to keep the ends healthy.
    I personally did not lose a ton of hair but it would mess with volume not length.
  • I would get a trim for sure. Healthy hair is much easier to maintain.

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  • Get a trim, but don't chop it off... I did before DD and regretted it while in the hospital and caring for a newborn.  Make sure it's still long enough to put up into a ponytail if that is how you're used to doing it! :)

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  • My hair didn't start falling out until a few months post birth. Healthier hair is easier to care for so definitely get a cut.
  • Trimming the ends of your hair and it falling out from the root a few months after birth are two completely different things. If you are due for a haircut, get your haircut. Go enjoy some quiet time being pampered before your baby is born. When your hair starts to fall out try taking vitamins and biotin to help it grow back faster.
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  • Get the haircut.

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  • GO for haircut. After delivery hair will fall bcz of hormones changes.
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