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Essential Oils for Labor?

Anyone have experience with good essential oils for relaxation and pain management during a natural delivery?  I may need to make a trip to Whole Foods here soon to pick some up.....

Re: Essential Oils for Labor?

  • Peppermint is always my go to for pain... and lavender for relaxation. 
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  • Seconding Young Living and Gentle Babies. I am using that book as my oily guru for this pregnancy and it's all based on YL oils. Which are absolutely amazing. I distribute and personally buy wholesale from them and adore the quality and therapeutic grade promise. So good to be oily!
  • I'd never even thought to check and see if I could use my diffuser/oils at the hospital! Good to know.
  • Our hospital requests that we not use diffusers or room scents because it affects the entire staff. They said we could use cotton balls or similar so I could breathe the scents without everyone else breathing them. I am taking lavender and clary sage and rose geranium.
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    I've heard clary sage but I didn't have that one on hand my last birth.
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    My hospital encourages the use of scents. I'm using something called panic button.
  • During my first labor, my doula pinned peppermint oil soak cloth squares to my shirt near my collar when I started to feel nauseas. Worked like a charm!
  • I've bought a pack from Amazon designed for labour - they have clary sage and lavender, with a spray for the face for during labour and they just recommend putting it on a muslin. I also bought a super cheap 'labour massage oil' with pretty much the same, plus geranium and Wild Rose. I'll see how much use they are when it happens!
  • I was going to say clary sage like someone else but honestly, the best thing I can think is just find something you know you like anyhow. If it relaxes you, it will help. I know everyone always says lavender but for some reason it never calms me, it just makes me think of cleaning products (unless it's an actual plant) :)
    Good luck!!!
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