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Re-introducing Myself ❤️

Hey there everyone!
Feels good to be back on the board!
I use to frequent this board quite often until my LO was born. If I remember correctly, I believe my babe was the First Official Baby to be born in October!!
10-1 @ 5:24am

I was Team Green and was plesantly surprised (because I swore we were having a boy) to have had a baby GIRL- Hazel!

This baby is my pride and joy and my greatest gift after a few years of TTCing and a loss.

My DD was born with lower extremity birth defects. We were well aware of them since I was about 21 weeks pregnant. We just didn't know the severity of it until she was born.

Hazel was born with a clubbed foot (highly common 1:1K) on her right side and a bone defect called Fibular Hemimelia (~1:100K with females only being 1/3 of that stat). There is a super long definition, but to make it short, she has a shortened fibula in the right leg and NO fibula in the left leg. This caused both her feet to be deformed and she only has a total of 7 toes (4 on R, 3 on L)
Her left leg is shorter then her right and the length difference is increasing as she grows. So for this reason, hopefully around her first birthday, she will be getting her L leg amputated from the knee down. And she will have a prosthetic leg!

I have my rough patches, and it's not because she has FH. It's because I'm sad that one day I'll no longer be able to kiss those 3 little toes... I started a blog to help me get thru it all and it has been tremendous therapy for me.
It has way more info!

She is an extremely happy, extremely healthy baby! She smiles more then I have ever seen a baby smile. And that smile reminds me that she will be just fine!

It feels good to be back ladies! I missed you all something fierce!!!
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Re: Re-introducing Myself ❤️

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