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Cloth vs disposable

I am considering doing cloth diapers for my twins. I am afraid it will be more work than it's worth. Anyone doing cloth diapers or successfully done it with twins? I have never done it before so what are the pros and cons?

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  • I did cloth diapers with my first two singletons, and they overlapped a bit so I did experience two in diapers (I know that is different than two newborns).  I loved doing cloth diapering and did not find it gross at all.  It was fun for me and way cheaper than disposables.  The reason I did not do it for the twins is because of the sheer amount of laundry I already have.  We have six people in our house and the laundry just.never.ends.  I couldn't cloth diaper because it is a pretty specific laundry process and I am having a hard enough time as it is.  But if the twins were my only babies, I would probably do it!
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  • The twins are not my only children and I do dread laundry but I would like to cut costs If possible. What was your laundry process? Do you soak them? Obviously I would do one load of just diapers, what did you do with the dirty ones between washes?
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  • We CD our 8 month old twins (have since about 3 weeks). When I think about how many diapers we go through I can't imagine using disposables. You do need to wash a little more frequently than with one (if the load gets too big they don't get as clean).
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  • We cloth diapered our daughter and have plenty enough for twins, so we're going for it once they've arrived. It definitely depends on how many you want to have on hand. Our wash routine shouldn't be anymore often with 2 than 1 because we have a ridiculous amount of cloth diapers (due to our dd having weight issues and going through phases of having to buy different ones to fit her right).
  • We cd our twins 21 months. It really wasn't anymore difficult to do 2 than one. We washed everyday with singleton and have continued with our twins. We use Bumgenius and I agree about not wasting money on newborns. Process dry pail, soak cycle, wash cycle, soak cycle. We line dry when we can but mostly use the dryer.
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  • kcloyal  - check out the cloth diapering board.  I have been a lurker on there for the past few months.  Twins due in June and I plan on using cloth once they are out of newborns. 

    I have also gone to a childrens store that specializes in cloth diapers and learned all about the different folds, types, etc.  SO VALUABLE!  Also there are youtube vidoes and pintrest pins for blogs. 

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