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Disappointment with pre-school

DD is in the same pre-school class she was in last year.  We started a new daycare last year and I they put DD in an older class so they wouldn't have to move her again in a few months.  The teacher is the same that she had last year.  The students who left for kindergarten last year seemed ready.  Some were reading, their writing was pretty good, they did a great performance for their holiday show and graduation.  DD was coming home with homework about 3 times a week and was practicing her letters.  Some of the older children showed me what their homework was and they were doing some journals and other creative activities.

This year DD gets homework maybe once a week and it's to color the pictures that start with a certain letter.  I never see her practicing her writing and when she does it looks like she might be getting sloppier.  Their holiday show was horrible.  I asked DD if they were practicing, last year they practiced for weeks, and it wasn't until maybe 2 weeks before the show that she said they were doing anything.  The teacher said the kids weren't into it so she had them sit in a circle and sing if they want.  They sang pretty well so I'm not sure why she couldn't get more out of them.  Last year they faced the parents, had a few dance moves and instruments.  Their graduation was really nice too and I'm worried that DD won't get to put on much of a show.

I've started working with her more at home with writing and sight words, but I'm kind of annoyed that I send her to preschool where they seemed to be doing alot last year, and now it's really lacking, she should be able to play and relax at home because she's learning at school.  The owner has basically made DD's teacher the director.  The owner is there in the morning, but most questions I have she directs to me DD's teacher, even questions about my younger son.  I'm not sure how to politely ask why isn't my child learning anything and why has instruction seem to have declined.  WWYD?

Re: Disappointment with pre-school

  • I've started working with her at home only because she doesn't seem to be learning these things at school.  I would have prefered her playing more last year, this year I'm not really sure what she's doing.  From what I've seen most children these days are going into kindergarten being able to do some reading.  I'd just hate for the teacher to ask who can read and 3/4 of her class raise their hands and she just sits there feeling like crap.  I never pressure her, she usually enjoys it and would like to do like 8 pages in a work book at a time.  I don't let her do more than 2 or 3 because I'd like for some things to sink in.
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  • I don't know where you live, but in my area children do not go to kindergarten knowing how to read.  My boys are fairly smart and can read, but they are not the norm at all for their class.  Preschool is about playing, learning to get along with peers, following rules, respecting authority and learning through play.  I'm upset my boys Kindergarten is as structured as it is.  They do reading and math and worksheets for hours a day.  I still think they should be learning through "doing" even at 5 and 6 years old.  They worked on writing first name in upper and lower case the whole first semester.  Now they are just starting their last name. (so writing with good handwriting is not a preschool skill).


  • Do you're children go to public school?  I'm a public school teacher, although I teach middle school so I'm not too familiar with elementary norms, but based on the standards, students should be reading by the end of kindergarten.  I'm surprised a teacher would spend the 1st half of the year on letters.
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