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Can't wait until Wednesday

It's been a rough patch with Chris.  He's been a little all over the place at home but tonight, when we got home, I opened his schoolbag to see if he had homework and there were two sheets of paper.  One was a photo of Chris that had staples on it - presumably it'd been up on a bulletin board and with it was what it had been stapled next to on the board - and now I know which board too.  It was an announcement that Chris was the October Student of the Month.  Please indulge me.  This is what it said.

"Class Y54 has selected Christopher as our student of the month.  We honor Christopher's increased ability to stay on task, and to use meaningfully one to three word utterances.  When Christopher first entered class he would not sit or complete any task in his workstation.  Now Chris is able to transition to workstation and complete his work system, in a five to seven minute time frame.  Christopher's ability to use meaningful speech is easily noticed in the way in which Christopher now asks his teachers for help, rather than crying.  Way to go Christopher!  Keep up the great work."

Needless to say, I cried.  DH had no idea what was going on, so I give him the paper.  He got really quiet and then picked Chris up, swung him around and gave him a great big hug.  I'm crying now as I type this.  Most people wouldn't understand why this means so much but then most people don't know my Chris.  
So proud!
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Re: Can't wait until Wednesday

  • That's awesome! Way to go, kiddo!
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  • Awesome job, Chris! 

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  • WTG! Great Job Chris!
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  • How wonderful! That one is for the memory book :D
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  • That is the BEST news!
  • Awesome!!!!

  • Yay for Chris!
  • That's awesome!!!!
    I'd be crying too :)
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  • That just made me so happy I started crying. 
  • That's just so awesome. I even treated up a bit!
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  • Awesome! Way to go Chris!


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