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Panty Liners

Sorry if this is kind of gross.  Yesterday I came home from work and noticed that my panty liner was saturated.  Is this normal?  I have not noticed anything unusual today.

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Re: Panty Liners

  • Some days are sweatier than others, I suppose.  Some days are more discharge-y than others.  And some days, I pee when I'm not supposed to.  So my panty liners are as diverse as pregnancies. 
  • I wear poise pads/liners since being pregnant. Sometimes nothing to having to changing it couple times a day.
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  • I had this same problem and was worried I was leaking fluid. I went to the doctor and it turned out to be increased discharge due to BV. I'm on antibiotics, but my doctor said its good that it was found because it can cause preterm labor. I recommend you call your doctor.
  • Same. I think it just comes with the job. Haha but always better to call if you're worried
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