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1/9 elevated risk for Trisomy 18 ***Update***

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I had my maternal quad screen last week, and today I got the call that my Trisomy 18 test came back elevated at 1/9. Anything under 1/100 is considered abnormal. I'm so scared now! I know that it's just a screening test, but 1/9 is scary. Anyone else have experience with elevated Trisomy 18 risk and have a happy ending story? Thanks ladies.

-Ok, so I have an appt on Tuesday for a level II ultrasound. Hoping and praying that everything with baby is perfectly fine. Will update afterwards.

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Re: 1/9 elevated risk for Trisomy 18 ***Update***

  • Thanks ladies, I had the blood test on the same day I had to have a cervical biopsy taken during a colposcopy, and honestly didn't give the quad screen a second thought until I got the call. I'm doing my research, just wanted some happy endings to help myself feel better.
  • Thank you so much, all of you! I really appreciate the advice and support. The wait for the level 2 ultrasound is going to be the longest of my life! Hoping and praying that baby is just fine!
  • Updated above in original post.
  • Thank you...will update Tuesday.
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