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Bringing dinner - poll

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How do you/your friends typically bring dinner to a family with a newborn?

Bringing dinner - poll 32 votes

Bring dinner, see the baby, visit for a few minutes, and leave
81% 26 votes
Bring dinner and stay to eat dinner with the family
6% 2 votes
Leave dinner on the porch and not come in
3% 1 vote
SS - explain
9% 3 votes

Re: Bringing dinner - poll

  • Friends brought dinner, stayed to coo over A, then left.  Family/close friends stayed and never ever left. LOL  

    Tomorrow, however, I am going to see my friend, and she asked that I stay for a while since it's her first day completely alone with the baby.  So I'm gonna crash her kitchen and make a few freezer meals there.


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  • I'm asking because we had some people offering to bring dinner, but I never know what to expect, or what shape the house should be in.  Like, do I need to get some more chairs?  Should I move all the kid furniture out of the living room?  Do I need to clear my calendar for the entire evening because you are going to stay for 5 hours, mess up my toddler's bedtime and my newborn's feeding schedule????  Sigh.
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  • CbeanzCbeanz member
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    @CnAna - I completely get family staying forever.  The people I'm wondering about are H's friends and coworkers so I have no clue what their plans are.

    ETA: That's really sweet of you to make freezer meals while you're there!
    CnAnA[Deleted User]
  • I generally leave the food/gift,?hold the baby for a bit, then leave, unless they ASK me to stay.

    I did, on occasion, ask people to stay when I was on leave. I just wanted someone to talk to that wasn't a baby. And someone to hold the baby while I went pee, etc.
    CnAnA[Deleted User]piffleyCbeanz
  • Maybe say "that sounds wonderful but we are really not ready to entertain (or ready for company) quite yet". They can either take that as drop food off and run or not send anything at all. Random people never made us food because are we are pretty out of the way from everyone we know. Mostly our parents and my best friend. My sister had people bring her meals and they would just drop and run.
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  • I'm ok with anyone staying for like, an hour.  It's the marathon visits that stress me out.
  • I off, see if i can anything for them and then.leave.


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