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Alternating formulas?

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Do any of you ladies have experience or knowledge on alternating formulas? I asked my pedi if we could test a few out, and she said that was no problem. However I forgot to ask if I could alternate between 2.
I supplement, and I starting thinking that's the exact same concept. I'm giving my LO my BM and formula.. So how is it different to alternate 2 formulas?

(I asked this question in my BMboard but wonder if I'll get more/different response in this board)

Re: Alternating formulas?

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    I did that with DD1. Out of necessity, not choice. We traveled with her and started running low on the regular kind she was taking (European brand Beba) and I couldn't get it, so I started mixing a different kind with her bottles (Gerber Goodstart - bc it's made by the same company as Beba), then switched to a third kind (Enfamil) bc I hated Gerber's texture and smell. She never had issues with either kind.
    Oh we were also BFing and supplementing.
  • I've heard that before that it could affect LO digestive system... And that's what my question is... What's the science behind why? I'm just curious. I alternate between BM and formula and just wonder why that's ok for LO but alternating between 2 formulas wouldn't be?
    Just curious is all :)
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  • Personally (mind you I am stating my own personal opinion...) i think it's a myth. Barring any real digestive problems like allergy or sensitivity to certain ingredients (milk, soy etc) there should be no reason for a reaction. A hungry child will take what you give them and they will be just fine...
  • That makes sense. So perhaps it's not alternating the formulas that is a problem, it may just be the formula itself. If LO was individually ok with two separate formulas on their own, then he'd most likely be ok with alternating them?
    At this point it isn't a factor yet.. I was just entertaining idea of occasionally buying Earth's Best when it's on sale/coupons.
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