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Does LO have a favorite parent?

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Self-explanatory. Who's LO's favorite?

Does LO have a favorite parent? 96 votes

47% 46 votes
16% 16 votes
It's pretty equal.
30% 29 votes
SS. Explain yo-self!
5% 5 votes
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Re: Does LO have a favorite parent?

  • Daddy's girl. It used to be me, but dad is the clear fave now. She still loves me and likes to play with me and everything. But if both DH and I are around, she prefers he help her with everything and plays with her. Honestly, it provides me with a nice little break so I kind of like it.
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  • Whomever (who ever) isn't around. It's kind of funny. I had been the main comforter, but it's becoming more 50/50 thankfully.
    This. If I'm home, she wants DH and vice versa. 
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  • Me, but DH is slowly gaining ground.

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  • It is pretty equal with B and pretty much always has been. N is a momma's girl all the way. She will scream with H and then the second I take over- instantly smiley and laughing. We are trying to even that out.
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  • It's gone back and forth and will keep going back and forth so I put that it's about equal.


  • It depends on who he has been with that day.  Sometimes his favorite parent is my mom lol 
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  • SS- FIL all the way. He asks for him in the car on the way home from BabyWork. When we get home he runs into the kitchen to watch him cook. After dinner, they play for about an hour and he wants nothing to do with anyone else.
    Otherwise, he's pretty even with me and DH, especially since H took over bedtime while I was pregnant.


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  • I stay at home so as soon as my husband gets home he automatically becomes the best thing in the world. But as soon as J wants or needs anything it's "maaaamaaaa"!
  • melOHdy said:

    Right now it's H.


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  • SS - Me.  Sauce has no choice.   >:)

    If I'm keeping it real he totes loves my dad (who lives with us) a zillion times more.  This kid gets to live with the man that spoils him rotten.  As grandpa says "It's my job!"
    Lol that's how my mom and dad are!
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  • A favors me but its getting a little more even with all the travel I've had to do recently
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  • He's a daddy's boy! He loves his dad.
    He also prefers big brother who is 14 over me!

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  • Me.  Duh...

    But my dad beats me any day.  All day long it's "papa! papa! papa!" 

    This is what I love about living with my parents. Grayson is going to have an amazing relationship with his grandparents and that makes me so so happy because I don't have a very good relationship with any of mine because I was never really around them growing up.
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