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Nail Clipping Strategies

Help! Benjamin's talons are really out of control, and I don't have a good game plan for getting him to cooperate with a trimming. What do y'all do?


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Re: Nail Clipping Strategies

  • I sit him in my lap with cartoons on and he usually sits still long enough for my to clip his finger nails and toe nails.  If he is antsy then I'll do one hand, close the clippers, and let him pretend to do his own nails.  Then I take them back after a few minutes and continue and repeat that process if I need to. 
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  • I just make my husband do it. :-)
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  • I wait until he's sound asleep, cuddled up against me. I have even managed to file down the sharp edges a time or two. Maybe my kid is just a heavy sleeper?


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  • First thing in the morning while he's still groggy and I put on Sesame Street. Sometimes I do his toes in the high chair.
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  • On the changing table. I give her a wipe to play with. She loves those. She's obsessed with washing her face. When she gets bored with that I give her another thing she loves, like the vicks container or a diaper. I have learned to get pretty fast at it while she is distracted.
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  • I sit jameson on the bathroom counter with his feet in the sink. I give him his toothbrush and clip away.

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  • He is pretty good at falling asleep in his car seat. I actually keep his clippers in the little 'instruction compartment' in his car seat. If there is a day he is sleeping I got at either his hands or feet and he wakes none the wiser
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