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First name begins with M, last with F?

I've always loved the name Maren, middle name Elise, but I am concerned about my daughter having the initials MF. Am I overthinking? It's my first choice, but I'm picturing some unfortunate monogramming. :)


Antonia Christine
Alexandra Elise
Juliet Elise

Re: First name begins with M, last with F?

  • Am I missing something???

    Because I really don't see the issue

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  • ColeRose said:

    MF like motherfucker? I don't even know if that is what you are thinking OP because I really had to think about it. Yes, I think you are overthinking it and no, I don't think it would be a big deal. 

    Her initials would be M.E.F.
    Her name monogrammed would be MFE

    Seriously nbd
    Yup, this.

    I love Maren Elise!
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  • The name is lovely. Go for it.

    Monogramming is a current trend that will be dated in 5 years anyway. It's the chevron of the minute. Don't let it influence your decision on the name.


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  • I think Maren Elise is lovely and wouldn't worry about the initials. I also really like Juliet Elise and Alexandra Elise. Frontrunner for our daughter is Juliet Maren, so we have similar taste.
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  • MF is fine.

    Beautifull name!
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  • I'll be the naysayer. I immediately went there and wasn't pleased. There are plenty of times, especially school when most teasing can be expected, that a person will likely have to use just their first and last initials.

  • Yes you are overthinking it. It's a beautiful name!
  • MF is fine!
  • You are overthinking MF.  I like all of your name options.  Antonia is refreshingly beautiful, and I love Juliet, but Maren Elise is great.
  • I was an MF before I got married, and it was never a big deal.
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  • nmrd said:

    I was an MF before I got married, and it was never a big deal.

    This. I was actually MEF and no one ever made that connection.
  • Maren is gorgeous. Love Maren Elise as well.
  • I've heard a LOT of teasing in my time, but never about a kid's initials. My sister grew up with the initials SAD and never cared; she loved her name.
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  • You're overthinking it. My initials are ASS.
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  • These were my maiden initials! It was never an issue. Sure I made jokes in middle school with friends but that was it. Don't worry about it.
  • I love Maren Elise and don't see an issue
  • I love Antonia
  • I honestly didn't get the MF thing until I read it on a few posts and realized what you were referring to. I went to high school with a couple of Mark's with surname beginning in F and as far as I know, it was never a problem.
  • Definitely over thinking. Maren Elise is fantastic, very different from what's trending right now and yet still classic. Go for it!
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