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Chain of command..

Ok so we all know how the military works... You basically listen to the higher rank and if there is a problem you go through chain of command etc.. But if you have a problem to where your higher ranks are part of the problem and they aren't being fair is there anyone you could possibly go to to express your problem so it could maybe get fixed? It's for active marine corps btw.

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  • Every Marine knows they have the right to formally request mast. No one is allowed to deprive a Marine of that right. However, I would think long and hard before I chose to do something like that. Perhaps you can explain more of the issue and people here can help you solve the problem before you go to your commander.
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  • We are Army- I was active for 4 yr and hubby has been for 16. We can go above COC but there are definitely going to be repercussions for that. We know there shouldn't be but unfortunately, that usually gets ugly:(

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  • Every marine can request mast as stated above. But if you give slightly more details there may be a better option. ICE complaints. FRO could be of help (not ours but if yours is good) Chaplain. Base legal- they can contact commands etc. There's many options but it truly depends on what the problem is.

    Also my husband has jumped the chain of command before for a serious problem and while technically you shouldn't do it.. They didn't get ugly or give him repercussions.
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