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Where Do You See Yourself Next Year?

I thought it would be interesting to hear everyone's response to this.

I know some of you, like me, sat watching the ball drop thinking about how next NYE you will have an 8 month month old crawling around (or maybe fast asleep). Then my SO started talking about what we thought and hoped our lives would look like New Years next year. We know we will be in the same place as we just moved and he pictured the baby standing up by the TV holding herself up on the TV Stand dancing to the music lol it was a really sweet image :) We hope to both have different jobs and hopefully a much fuller savings account on our way to buying a house. I don't think for us this year will bring marriage despite pressures from the families (we just don't GAF what their opinion of our situation is) but who knows! It's actually a little overwhelming to think of everything that we want to accomplish in the next year lol

So what about you guys? Where do you see yourselves in the New Year next year? New house? New job? Maybe marriage for you? Maybe some of us might be pregnant again...
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Re: Where Do You See Yourself Next Year?

  • Hopefully in a new house, a finished masters degree, a new job for me, a flush savings account, and maybe a new little one brewing? We want number 2 fairly soon after this one.
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  • I hope to feel complete. I have always only wanted 2 kids, one of each. I will have that in March, but I am having a hard time getting rid of some of the girl stuff. I am afraid I still want more kids, or maybe it is just laziness.
    I would like to have some more updates done to our house so we can look at selling and getting something a bit bigger.
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  • Littlekeller, I know exactly how you feel. I also only saw myself with two kids, but my husband had talked me into trying for a third had this baby been another girl. He turned out to be a boy, but now I am not sure if we really are done. I like the idea of three kids, but I don't know. Next year I hope to be in my same job, hopefully my husband is a year closer to his degree and we can get a babysitter for NYE, because chasing after an overtired toddler was exhausting, can't imagine two of them! Lol
  • Not much of a change, with two little guy's sleeping upstairs instead of one! Would love to be closer to buying a new home & have expanded my business more.
  • Not much will change in the year for us, other then having two kids instead of one. I hope to do some improvements around our home. And get out back yard ready for summer. Would love to pay of some debt and start saving for a big family trip for 2016.
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  • H and I have been talking about how next Christmas/NYE we will have a 9 month old and a 3 year old. I am definitely more freaked out over having a 3 year old but I can't stop imagining how great of a big brother my son will be. It's all we ever talk about and can't wait to see him in his new role. 

    I don't expect our lives to change at all by this time next year except for the additional baby but we will be starting to look for a new house to hopefully move by September. 

  • First and for most i hope all my family is healthy around this time next year. Then i would love to actually finish my collage classes and get me a job to help with the bills. I love being a SAHM, but boy i would love to get out of the house more by my self even if it is to work. I want to get our debt payed off and actually stay out of it. As for the NYE i would love to be at Disney World with my hubby and kids on our family vacation!!!..

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