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Working up until due date

I'm a teacher and just had two weeks off for Christmas break- I go back on Monday and have 3 weeks until my due date- I can't hardly wait! I plan to work up until the baby comes to maximize my maternity leave time with the baby, but as a first time mom-to-be, I have no idea what to expect or when to expect her to come. Is anyone else planning on working up until the baby comes? Is anyone else worried or nervous about having contractions at work?

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  • I worked up until my son was born, and plan to do so again this time around.
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  • I worked up till the day before my DD was born. I went to work and after work that night my contractions started. Instead of work this next day, I headed to L&D. I was 6 days over due. So I worked past my due date, to maximize my time off when she arrived.
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  • it seems like that timing always happens- that people start having contractions after the work day- i really haven't heard of anyone i know starting contractions during the work day. i hope it's the same for me!
  • As a teacher , if you're still comfortable standing up all day, go for it. I have worked with several women who worked until they went into labor but it was a bit easier as I have a desk job. We also have the ability to log in and work from home so lots of women do that for the last week or so if they're getting uncomfortable. I plan to do that if I need to. Good luck!
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  • My doula recommended that if possible, I take a few days off before my due date. Her rationale was that labor is like a marathon, and you want to go in feeling rested and ready for the longest, most trying race of your life! My hope is also deliver completely medication-free, so that factored into the decision. 

    That being said, I'm 5 days past my due date and sort of twiddling my thumbs waiting... It HAS been great to have lots of one on one time with my hubby (he's a teacher and on Christmas break) for day dates, movies, dinner, and I've gotten a massage, pedicure, done lots of cleaning, etc. We feel totally ready for Baby to arrive! 
  • I had contractions at work. It was good because early labor can take a long time and it was nice to have some distractions to take my mind off of it. I'm a trial attorney and even did a trial during early labor!

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  • I am in the same boat as you @rosascol, I am also a teacher and on top of that a coach too. I am also planning on working up until LO's arrival. It is a little nerve wracking, but knowing I will be off the remainder of the school year and through the summer is something I am looking forward to.
  • @kam626, didn't we plan that well for the school year? : ) it will be nice that summer will come after maternity leave. are you going back to work next year?
  • Ditto to working right up til the very end. As much as I'd love to take a few days off before baby is born, even if I stopped the day before my due date I could still potentially have two more weeks to wait if baby decides she's particularly comfortable in there.

    I figure I have about a 30% chance of going into labor as work since I'm there about a third of the day. It's become a running joke with my coworkers - I think they're hoping to beat the odds. Seems like a lot of people go into labor in the evening/nighttime though (maybe because they're been more active all day?) so I wonder if that skews things. Anyone know if there are any studies about what time of day women are more apt to go into labor?

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  • rosascol said:

    @kam626, didn't we plan that well for the school year? : ) it will be nice that summer will come after maternity leave. are you going back to work next year?

    I will be going back next year, how about you? I actually return a month earlier than other teachers because of the start of vb season. I love teaching/coaching, not sure I am quite ready to take a break from it yet. Though, everyone says I will feel different when the time comes. This is my first, so my DH and I are winging it and will learn as we go. It's all a part of the adventure right?
  • I worked until the end. I was nervous thinking that I would go into labor while at work, but I actually went into labor on Monday morning of my 39th week.
  • I would do the same thing if you feel up to it, better to have that time after the baby comes!

    My SIL is a pedi working in an office and worked past her EDD with her third baby.  It's kind of a funny story, she went into work at 41w0d, started seeing patients.  Left the room to get a strep test for a little boy, started having pretty strong contractions, several minutes later a different doctor returns and says, "Dr. L is leaving to have her baby, I am going to do your strep test."  The doctor said the mother's jaw about hit the floor, haha!
  • mandi195 said:
    I worked up until my son was born, and plan to do so again this time around.
    This, exactly.

    Unless something comes up where my MW tells me I need to stop working sooner, I will work until baby arrives.
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  • I worked until DS was born. Got off work at 5pm, contractions started at about 6:30pm and baby was born was born at 12:17 am.

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  • This thread is comforting... I plan to work until I have baby, but I work 1.5 hrs away from my home/hospital (only 3 days/wk though). Hoping I can start labor after work/at home --- REALLY don't want to be driving in labor...
  • Teacher here too and I worked until my induction at 41w4d with DD1. It's fine, you'll be fine.
  • @yeah. @kam626 As teachers do you find it stressful at all to manage planning, grading, pregnancy, etc.? I'm only a second year and I am extremely lucky to have great classes compared to last year, but I still spend a lot of time at home working- plus I haven't had the easiest pregnancy : ) Also @yeah. - sounds like you're also a working mom? How is that with your teaching workload?
  • i go back to school on tomorrow and plan to work until the baby comes.   My classroom is set for the next few weeks just in case anything happened over break, but i plan to continue to work until the baby comes.  
    I would rather save my days until after the baby comes.  


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  • I worked until the end with DS. I am an industrial engineer and have an office job. I worked that day (a Thursday), went to dinner with my work group, and then I started going into labor at 11:30 that night, and he was born 5:25 the next morning.

    I am 37w6d now and still feeling good. My plan is to keep working until the end with this one too. I am hoping to not go into labor at work, but just in case, I'm going to take some pads and a change of pants with me, and I've talked with a coworker about driving me to the hospital if that's necessary. Good luck!
  • rosascol said:

    @yeah. @kam626 As teachers do you find it stressful at all to manage planning, grading, pregnancy, etc.? I'm only a second year and I am extremely lucky to have great classes compared to last year, but I still spend a lot of time at home working- plus I haven't had the easiest pregnancy : ) Also @yeah. - sounds like you're also a working mom? How is that with your teaching workload?

    I'm in my 10th year teaching so I have more of a routine down now. A must between teaching and coaching honestly. However, I am planning on trying to get my lesson plans done now for the time leading up to maternity leave so that if something happens, my sub is prepared. Do you already know who your sub will be? I am lucky in that my sub used to teach my subject, so aside from pacing, he should be able to pick up where I leave off without a problem. What grade do you teach? Remember not everything you assign HAS to be graded, so if you are able to cut your load that way, it will help. My biggest stress issue is scheduling appointments without a huge conflict with my class schedule. I always shoot for the earliest possible appointment so I don't have to use any more of my days. Best of luck to you and your LO!
  • Hi, I wanted to work till the last day too but I'm getting weaker each day so I'll have to get some rest before. I keep having stomach aches and back aches everyday. I'm 36 weeks now
  • I worked till Friday gave birth on a Sunday with DD1. That was 39+ weeks. Idk what I was thinking then and how I'd react if my water broke while am at work. All I really cared abt was makin sure id get as much time with tge baby once she is here. This time ill SAH and started doing so at around 35w

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  • I'm planning to keep working until the baby comes. I work with a bunch of guys and my boss asked the other day what I will do if my water breaks at work. They are all so nervous! haha 

    Who knows how it will all go down. My plan is by 1/15 I will have all loose ends tied up so whenever the baby makes his/her arrival I am good to go to step away for a while. 
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  • thats good to be working all the way long. as for me in a stay at home mom. so excited for my delivery. its gonna be beautiful
  • A problem I'm facing is that my administration wants me to choose a definite end date, which I have told them time and time again that I do not want to do. I don't want to waste my maternity leave days just waiting for the baby to come, because who knows when that would be! I did find out that legally, they cannot force you to stop working. As long as you can perform your job, they can't force you to start your leave early, but I'm still a bit nervous about getting bullied or pressured into their agenda.
  • I am working until I go into labor. That's what I did last time too. I started having contractions at work but had an appointment that afternoon so I wasn't worried. When I got looked at I was 4-5 cm so I got sent over to L&D.
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  • I'm still in my second trimester (guess date is April 28) but I do plan to work as long as I possibly can. I started my job in May, and as per company policy you get six weeks unpaid maternity leave if you have been there less than a year and 12 weeks unpaid if you have been there a year or more. I'll most likely just have missed my one year mark when I deliver...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed to go past my guess date to hopefully get those 12 weeks. My plan is to bring a change of clothes and maxi pads with me in my last month just in case my membranes release or my surges begin at work. I seriously envy expectant European moms who get pain maternity leave up to one year in some places.
  • I've worked with my previous 3 kids till delivery! I am with this one as well :) I work at a busy hospital, and I swear it helps moving all night. my water has broken at work my last 2 pregnancies. I just leave and head to my hospital, although, with this being the 4th I feel like if my water breaks, Ill probably have her quickly and I should just stay!
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  • I worked up until a few days before my induction. I took it as far as I could before I had to call it quits. But I never did cut back on my 12 hour shifts. I plan to do the same thing next time around. Plus, I work in a hospital, so if I went into labor at work, all I had to do was hop on an elevator.
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  • Same as several others. I went to work one day, planning on returning the next day and I started contractions that night and was in the L & D the next morning instead of at work.
    I plan on doing the same this time and working right up until I begin having contractions
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  • My plan is to work until my due date week. My due date is a Wednesday so I will work through Friday of the previous week. If he comes on his due date (I understand that's unlikely) then I will have the weekend plus two work days off.  If he comes late then I'll have a whole week off. For some reason I can't imagine him going past 41 weeks since my doctor has been telling me the entire pregnancy how big he is.  But we shall see.

    I'm not worried about going into labor at work really. My understanding is that usually contractions start gradually so I'm assuming I will have some sort of sign. I mean they say don't go to the hospital until you can no longer walk/talk through contractions.  I figure as long as I have a few hours of walking and talking type of contractions that's enough time for me to get home from work without any problems. :-)

  • My EDD is on a thursday so when I turned in my letter to work, I said my leave would start the monday of the same week (assuming she doesnt come sooner). I feel fine so I dont see any reason why that wont be doable. My letter to work did state if the date changes I would let them know asap.
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  • I am planning to work till the end of my 8th month bcz I want to spend more time with my baby.
  • I plan to work until my due date at the very least (barring any medical complications). 

    I'm a teacher and my DS was born the Saturday before we started back to school from summer break so I didn't go back that time. My DD was due the 8/17 so I went back to work for 2 weeks. I had hopes to make it through the full 2 weeks (to 8/16) but I got a phone call from my OB on Friday morning about my lab results (weekly monitoring due to HBP and protein in my urine) and the protein levels in my 24-hour catch were high enough (over 2500 mg) that he recommended inducing so I left school around 10:30 that morning and my daughter was born about 16 hours later. 
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  • Today was my last day teaching!!! So excited but so scared!
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