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Im a first time mom on the upper east side due on July 4th, 2015 and would love to connect with some other moms in the area due around the same time.

Any soon to be UES moms out there?


Re: UES Moms to be!

  • MaggieDnycMaggieDnyc member
    edited December 2014
    I live in Midtown East and am due July 30 :) Would love to chat about what stroller and baby carrier you're thinking about getting. Do you work or plan on being a stay at home mom? I work in private equity now, but my salary isn't strong enough to really make a nanny worth it, so I'm not sure what to do!
  • I live on the UES and am due March 26th! I would love to chat with you ladies! What hospital are you delivering at? I'm at Weill Cornell.
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  • I am a first time mom to be and my due date is 8/22/15! I love this UES club for chatting with mommies close to me:). I am delivering at Lenox Hill. I am not a Yogi but would love to get into prenatal yoga. I haven't been to Pure but it looks really nice!
  • I'm a first timer due in August, at Weill Cornell if all goes to plan! I'm feeling way too lazy but am hoping to start swimming in my second tri. Haven't thought much about baby gear. We really have so little space in this apt :(.
  • KBNY10KBNY10 member
    edited January 2015
    Also a FTM, due at the end of May. I'm delivering at Lenox Hill. Have any of you started looking at childcare? I was hoping to do a daycare center, but I'm having a hard time finding many in the area. Any ideas? Is there a list somewhere?

    Maggie: for strollers, I've been looking at the City Mini GT and the Uppababy Vista. Right now, we live in a walk-up so the GT is better because it's lighter and easier to carry. Our lease is almost up though and if we find an elevator building we might get the Vista. I like the ability to have the baby facing you, which the GT doesn't have,
  • I googled and found 6 on the ues pretty easily - "upper east side day care".i think I'll end up with private care to save money and because I'm going to try to work just part time for a while. It's way too early as I'm only first tri but I also am eager to look into nanny share.
  • My husband and I are leaning towards daycare since we like the socialization aspect (even though we have to deal with our child possibly getting sick a bunch in the beginning).
    We put ourselves on wait lists during my 1st trimester. The wait lists can be long and we didn't want to miss out on an opportunity if we decide to go with daycare vs. a nanny once our baby is born. All of the ones we looked at I found online and then tried to ask around to see if anyone had heard anything about them.
  • Hi, we live UES, East 90's, due end of August, and are wondering nanny versus daycare. Leaning towards nanny share - anyone thinking same and nearby?
  • Hi UES moms. I am a first timer and due Nov. 8. Thanks for all the info. Anyone thought about a nanny share?
  • Hi! I am UES - not sure where to deliver yet! Is anyone doing a natural birth??
  • I live on the UES and have a one-year old, but we are moving to NJ next week. Anyone want a recommendation for a really wonderful nanny? Send me a msg and I will tell you about her! 
  • What stroller are you ladies getting?
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