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Weaning from the pump help please!

Hi everyone! 

First off, thank you all for your support these last ten and a half months. There were many points in the first few weeks that I just didn't think I could do this and with the help of all of you on this board, I've been able to make it this far and can't imagine stopping anymore! I get sad when I even think of my LO weaning! 

I don't feel the same baout my pump though... i hate it! In the beginning when I had an oversupply, pumping was great because it felt amazing to be able to put away some milk and know that I had plenty! Then as my supply began to regulate, the pump and I lost our great relationship. Now I can't wait! 

I currently have 245oz of milk in the freezer and pump twice a day. I dropped from 3 to 2 times about a month ago and I'm thinking that I can now drop to 1x a day. The way I see it, I can get 4-6 oz in my first pump (depending on when he last nursed) and he takes 10-11 oz at daycare now . So that means I havce about 22 full days worth of milk in the freezer for him if my supply tanks and only about 30 daycare days before he turns one and I can start giving him WCM. 

My plan is to stop pumping when he turns one and start giving him WCM at daycare (or BM if i still have any in the freezer) and nurse when we're together as much as I can until he weans himself. He's showing absolutely NO signs of wanting to wean right now. 

So... from those of you who are more experienced then me... 

1. Does my logic make sense? Is it safe for me to go to pumping once a day?
2. I currently pump around 10:30 and 4... when should I schedule my one pump of the day? I usually nurse him (or at least offer) around 6PM when I see him.
3. How do I then drop that last pump?

Thanks everyone!! I can't wait to be rid of this pump and just go back to enjoying nursing without the stress of setting aside time to hook up to that horid machine!
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Re: Weaning from the pump help please!

  • your plan sounds good to me. i would pump once in the middle of your workday, maybe around 1? to drop the last pump, i'd gradually decrease the time you pump for a couple of days (like if you do 15 minutes, do 10 minutes for a day or so, then go to just 5 minutes). if you get uncomfortable, slow the process down, if you're not engorged, speed it up. i really only needed to pump one day for 5 minutes before i was able to drop the last pump. i was pretty full-feeling for a couple of days, but not uncomfortable.

    GL! it's such a relief to be free from pumping. the 2nd year of nursing is very rewarding- pretty much all of the benefits of the first year with about 1000% less hassle. :)
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  • Your plan seems reasonable to me given your goals. I approached weaning daytime pumps in a similar approach. I assessed how much I had in the freezer, and attempted to estimate how much milk DD would need until she turned 1 and weaned when I felt like I had enough stash to reach the 1 year point.

    If you really do run out it's not a bad thing to start WCM a few weeks before turning 1. I'd check with your Pedi first, but I don't think it'd be a big deal as a back up plan.

    I went from 9, 12 and 3 (3x) to 10:30 and 3pm (2x) to 1:30pm (1x). It was not hard for me to wean daytime pumps because DD had self-weaned a bit so I wasn't producing much output anyway. I'm currently pumping 1x/day and I will do that for a few weeks and then I think I'll just start gradually decreasing my pump time from 20 minutes to 5 minutes. And then start pumping every other day or as needed for comfort.


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  • Thank you both for the quick reply! I feel great knowing that I have enough milk in the freezer for most of the time remaining so if my supply plummets I'll be okay. 

    If you continued pumping into the second year, did you still offer WCM occasionally during the day when with your baby on weekends or did you exclusively nurse while together? While I'd like to continue nursing until he chooses to wean, I'd hate to force him into weaning because I don't produce enough milk BUT i also would love to have a little more freedom when with him. Right now, I plan my warrdrobe and day around being able to nurse him easily in public LOL
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
  • Yay! That's great! I really enjoy my cuddle time with him and it's so nice to know that i'm giving him the best I can. He's only bee sick twice so far and not even that bad! 
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
  • i nursed on demand while at home after i stopped pumping at work. DS has always liked WCM, so he would sometimes ask for it specifically. or he might have another beverage (like decaf tea) with WCM added to it. i only stopped nursing on demand since getting pregnant again- i've now limited DS to 2x/day.

    it will definitely get way easier in 6 months or so w/r/t nursing in public- you'll be able to explain to your LO that he has to wait until you get home to nurse. even in a few more months, as your LO eats more and more solids, you will probably be able to offer WCM or another snack and have him take you up on it without much fuss.
  • That's great to hear thanks!! I don't mind nursing in public anymore (gave up on using a cover a few weeks ago because he just thought it was a game of peek-a-boo) but, i could definitely do without it! LOL

    Really really looking forward to it! :)
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
  • That's great! I can't wait to return to my normal clothes and not have to worry about access lol
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
  • Hi casey78! You mentioned a hormone dump. What do you mean? That wasn't even on my radar. I mean, it makes sense but hadn't really occured to me.
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
  • Good to know! Thanks!
    Rachel (a.k.a. The Analytical Mommy.com and @analyticalmommy on IG)
    I'm just trying to make sense of things :-) 
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