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30 weeks and I forgot about birthing classes

I'm not sure if it's to late to sign up for a birthing class or where I can go. This is my first baby and I'm not sure how to approach labor or much of anything for that matter. I know Lamaze classes are supposed to be helpful but I think I may be to late to sign up but I just don't know for sure.

Re: 30 weeks and I forgot about birthing classes

  • I'll definitely check with my hospital and my ob thank you 

  • Just make a point to sign up for something soon if it's important to you. You have about 10 weeks give or take. It mostly depends on how you plan to birth. Lamaze is pretty phased out though in favor of Bradley method if you're planning for a natural birth. Hospital courses will give you a simple run through of what to expect and let you know their protocols to limit surprises. Breasfeeding classes are really helpful if you plan to breastfeed.

    Most women that I know IRL never took a course. 
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  • I personally thought my birthing class was a waste of time. They didn't tell you anything you can't look up online. Your baby will come out one way or another! :)
  • Contact the hospital you are planning to deliver at and see what they offer.  I found the one I took informative.  It was a birthing class, hospital tour, breastfeeding class, and infant care class in one.  But at the absolute minimum I'd set up a tour of the hospital.     
  • I didn't take one with DD1 though I had full intentions to.  It just.... didn't happen.  :D  Everything worked out fine.  I got the impression one biatch nurse felt inconvenienced that my ignorance might make her job harder, but it all worked out. 
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  • The hospital I will deliver at offers the classes and suggests that you wait until the last 8-10 weeks of pregnancy to take it so you should be right on time. Check your hospital's website, they may offer it as well.
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  • We did ours at 34 weeks. Most people in there were 36-38 weeks! It was a 1 day/8 hour class on a Sunday. You've still got time.
  • I don't know a single person still taking Lamaze classes
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  • We did ours around 34 weeks, but signed up months in advance for the class (only holds enough spots for 11 couples). Honestly, the only part of the class I was super interested in was the tour of the maternity ward & hospital area. Everything else I already knew from doing my own research or from talking to others who already had child(ren). It's not the end of the world if you can't get into a birthing class.
  • I'm 30 weeks too, and no birthing classes. I bought a few books, did research online, and watched some YouTube videos about breathing techniques and what to expect. It's a personal choice whether you want to do the classes or not. Some women might like them, to help rest assured about what to expect, while others are just more "go with the flow."
  • Our hospital's web page recommended taking the class anywhere from 34 to 36 weeks pregnant. Maybe you could still squeeze into a class!
  • At 35 weeks pregnant, I was able to schedule private classes for the same cost as the classes at the hospital. If you don't see anything available at your hospital, try googling other options. I was surprised how many places in our metro offered classes. Huge variety of prices, time commitments, and how quickly we could get in. 
  • We took ours around 34 weeks too, and were right around the same as the others in the class. You're on time still if you want to do it. You can definitely get all the info you need through books and online though so no need to stress.
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