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Thoughts on Georgia?

Georgia Rose is currently our leading girl name. Thoughts?

Re: Thoughts on Georgia?

  • Grace and Elizabeth are also in the running for middle names
  • I love Georgia, but I don't like Rose as the middle name.
    I really like Georgia Grace and Georgia Claire. I think DH has an aunt Georgia Anne which I thought was sweet.

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  • Love Georgia, not a fan of Georgia Rose.
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  • I really like that combination. I agree Georgia Elizabeth sounds too long, though.
  • Much prefer Georgiana.
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  • I love Georgia but I don't like it with Rose. I think Georgia Elizabeth is nice!
  • I LOVE Georgia. It would have been our sons name if he was a girl. How about Georgia Jane?
  • I like Georgia. I'm originally from Georgia, so it would have been cheesy for me to use it. I would pick a different middle name though. 
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  • I love it with nn Gigi.
  • I prefer Georgiana but I'm also huge P&P fan and its Mr Darcy's sister and I always thought it was such an awesome name. Georgia is a very pretty name but since I live in the South, it would look cheesy. I agree Rose isn't my favorite MN. Elizabeth, Catherine, Ann, Claire are all beautiful
  • Love Georgia! I agree that you can do better on the mn name, I don't like the two noun names either.

    I like the suggestions of Georgia Claire and Georgia Catherine/Katherine.

    Other suggestions:
    Georgia Louise
    Georgia Margaret
    Georgia Elise
    Georgia Marie

  • Georgia is a nice name, but not if you are from there or a big GA fan.  That would make it cheesy. 
  • There's nothing wrong with it, I just don't like it.
  • Nice name but NMS. It sounds very southern/country to me.Also agree that Georgia Rose doesn't really work. 
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