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Falling asleep in the recliner

How do you stay awake during multiple MOTN feedings/rocking to sleep? Any tips? I have fallen asleep and woken up an hour later with DS also snoozing in my arms the last few nights. I really try not to but it happens so fast it's hard to stop it.
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Re: Falling asleep in the recliner

  • Um that happens to me ALOT more than it probably shld it's so hard...
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  • Thanks, I guess I need to do a game or something on my phone where I really need to focus.
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  • After a scary falling asleep incident when DS was 5 days old, I always nurse on the living room couch MOTN. I'm watching Friends start to finish in order. It's just enough to keep my brain engaged, but not so much stimulation that I can't fall right back asleep after, since I've seen it before. Highly recommend something similar!

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  • We just moved her to the crib, so I have to get out of bed now to get her and I just sit on the living room couch. But she's a fast eater, so we're only awake twice for 10 min each. I would occasionally fall asleep holding her while nursing in bed when she was in the RnP in our room.

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  • Kandreas1 said:
    I forgot to add my favorite thing to do ....Google infant sleep.
    Me too - talk about an overwhelming MOTN activity!

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  • I fall asleep pretty much every night lately. I got a nursing nightlight with a vibrating timer. Maybe I will remember to use it tonight. I slept with dd1 in the rocker all the time and never thought about it being dangerous. Have been trying not to with Ds but it is so hard!
  • I fall asleep all the time while nursing in bed. Its just a doze though and I always wake up after a few minutes so it doesn't worry me. If yours is a deep sleep though I recommend phone or tv
  • I always nurse sidelying in bed where falling asleep is safe for both of us.
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